Ariel Dieguez and Ariel Medeiro

Known as ‘Los Arys’ in the media.

Currently directors of the brand “Evolucion Capilar”, a company that has been established for over 15 years in different countries.

Multi- faceted businessmen and with a talented creativity, they have become Trends Setters, Digital Influencers, International Hair Stylist, Social Media Manager, DJ.

The aesthetic combined with their talented creativity has devoted them with distinguished styles that conquer their followers.

They are the founders of LosArys.com and their highly interactivity on social network has become them “coolhounters” being so influential in their daily publications.

They travel around the world, discovering and sharing a new lifestyle.

They collaborate with big global firms producing feature articles.

They said: “We share experiences that persist over time, creating the need to live them..”