Lux Madrid is fascinating in all its dimensions.

Today we will tell you about the experience of having met Lux Madrid last Sunday at noon. As many know, the Jorge Juan area of Madrid has taken a lot of force in the gastronomic sector.

The machine group surprises us again with Lux, a restaurant where you can live an experience full of sensations. To begin with, it is a wonderful site of four floors high, making a total of 1100 square meters of surface, with an elegant decoration and a select environment like the one we usually find in some Jorge Juan restaurants.


Regarding your letter and unlike others of the machine group, in Lux you can find dishes of Japanese, Italian, Mexican and obviously Spanish food where the quality of seafood and ham is EXQUISITE!

We began our gastronomic adventure with an appetizer of scorpion fish pie that undoubtedly opened our appetite to taste the dishes that followed.


To start, the wine chosen has been the exquisite Marques de Murrieta Castillo Ygay 1986 Harvest, what can we tell you about this wine? …

To our knowledge, one of the best Spanish white wines of all time. Subtle nose, powerful and elegant on the palate, with an excellent acidity and great length, volume and sharpness. It gives off a mineral touch and a finish with umami. Highly recommended although it is not a wine to drink every day…


To accompany this exquisite wine, nothing better than a selection of Japanese gastro like salmon, tuna niguiris and other delicacies such as tiger prawns with a delicious turmeric sauce. It should be noted that seafood, fish are a strong point in the restaurants of the machine group and once again we have proven it with its high quality.








Come to Lux Madrid and do not try its RIB EYE STEAK is a SIN. We were three people and we asked for a ration that they advise for two. It is clear that the ration, in addition to being super abundant, has a first line quality. It is said by two argentines that with meat are a bit rigorous …


To accompany the meat, nothing better than a good red wine, from a national winery. We have chosen Flor de Pingus 2015. We want to point out that the 2015 Harvest of Flor de Pingus has achieved 95 Suckling points and 94 points in the last edition of the Peñín Guide, thus placing it on the podium of the best Spanish wines. Ideal to accompany roasted meats as well as cured cheeses.





Do you think that we can leave Lux Madrid without dessert? It wasn´t in our plans … Here an exquisite chocolate cake with red fruits and we continue with an exquisite tiramisu …. On Sundays, everything can be allowed!

Champagne at the right temperature, as we like it …






Address: Jorge Juan 22 Street c/p 28001 Madrid

Reservations: 918 33 42 55