In the first year of Anthony Vaccarello, Saint Laurent increases by 27.3%

It is no coincidence that Anthony Vaccarello has arrived in Saint Laurent after his great journey on Versus, the second line of Versace.

Vaccarello, now is 36 years old and is described as “one of the most talented emerging creative spirits of our time.” Now, what has this designer that continues to conquer the followers of YSL? We still remember the first fashion show debut of Vaccarello, Spring 2017 which was held in what would be the future headquarters of Saint Laurent in La Rue de Bellechasse.

At that time he presented a collection of cocktail designs in black leather, faded blue jeans and sandals raised on metal heels that described the letters YSL. Their slim fit, are unique, and really fit the body like no other brand; it’s just a matter of trying them.

Since then, he maintains a very defined style and his collections turn towards a fusion of sculptural silhouettes and reduced to the extreme, usually in black, with sharp cuts and often decorated with metallic details.


Today we have been attracted by two accessories of his new line, a western suede belt that will be the perfect companion for jeans in this new season.In addition, their new titanium glasses in matte golden color are wonderful; Apart from being super light, they have a perfect finish being timeless companions of many looks. Do not think too much ,they are limited edition.