Wattinne Paris is located in the heart of Le Marais.

As many know, we love to stroll through the neighborhoods of Paris and discover new international brands. When we arrived at Wattinne Paris, we loved the history of the Maison created by Randy Glorieux and that is why we want to tell you about it. The philosophy of the house contemplates the hedonism of contemporary nature.


From a long line of textile entrepreneurs from northern France, Maison WATTINNE Paris continues the tradition of excellence who shaped the success of its illustrious elders to transpose it to today’s fashion design. In 1810, Louis-Joseph Xavier Wattinne (1785 – 1840), important merchant and merchant of wool, created his first commercial establishment and developed his international activity.


In 1837, Joseph Pollet (1806 – 1879), the grandfather of the president of WATTINNE Paris, created a wool spinning mill in Roubaix. Descendants, for economic reasons, will convert the business into retail: this is the start of the great epic of the pioneer of distance selling La Redoute.

In 1870, Louis-Joseph Wattinne, son of Louis-Joseph Xavier Wattinne, founded the Filature Wattinne-Bossut company. The plant will produce up to 20 tons of spun cotton per day and employ up to 600 employees.


 In 1912, Jean Eugène Prouvost (1885 – 1978), press magnate(Paris Match, Le Figaro, Marie Claire …) and another illustrious grandfather founded the lainières of Roubaix, a company that will manage the Rodier, Korrigan brands … and distribute , through the known Prouvost-Masurel company , the Lacoste brand for Devanlay in 1961.

In 1921, Maurice Glorieux, paternal grandfather of the president of the WATTINNE Paris house, acquired a textile factory in Moselle from the Seillière family and founded the S.A. company from Usines Glorieux and Pierrepont. He will open a second factory in Mazamet, Tarn. In 1959, Roger Glorieux, son of Maurice Glorieux, goes with his wife (Denise, born … Wattinne) and children to Milan,take the financial management of Avagolf, important luxury house ready to wear, female.

Finally in 2016 was the birth of the luxury home ready to wear, men WATTINNE Paris. Reference dedicated to the hedonist imbued with refinement and contemporary authenticity, under the direction of his artistic creator, Randry Glorieux – Wattinne.


Randy, being the grandson of renowned textile entrepreneurs, founded the men’s fashion brand Wattinne and now has his first store in 43, rue de Poitou in Le Marais. Surrounded by beautiful genres and materials that will be immersed in a luxurious and contemporary positioning. In addition to this first store, Wattinne Paris garments can now be purchased at your e-shop and at three points of sale in France (Paris, Corsica and Toulouse). We love the traditions that continue from generation to generation.

Walking through Le Marais and finding yourself with this boutique is a luxury for every man with style. Their cotton flannel jackets and silk lining with lambskin inserts are a must have for keeping them in our wardrobe. It is curious the poles with the names of the districts of Paris in jersey or cotton pique. Its two basic Chinese pants models for the wardrobe background of every man. In addition to these emblematic pieces, the Wattinne Paris brand offers a series of V-neck sweatshirts and scarves that mix cotton poplin, cashmere leaves and goatskin edges.

Undoubtedly, Wattinne Paris is a new French luxury house whose essence lies in the refined and contemporary reinterpretation of the iconic and timeless locker room for leisure and relaxation for men.

One of our temptations has been this wonderful bomber, being an exceptional piece worked with minimal details and joining to its symbology the refinement “couture” of the house, thus expanding the incredible possibilities of using it with endless combinations


Made in France, in pure cashmere wool in contrast and goat skin velvet. Body lining 100% silk and sleeves 100% cotton poplin. Buttons in horn. 6 pockets, 2 internal. We loved it…!


Wattinne Paris Los Arys


When you are walking through Le Marais, do not miss visiting the Maison Wattinne Paris, you will love to live the experience and immerse yourself in the history of the French Maison.