Inhibit Face-Lift from Natura Bisse …a secret of celebrities.

Natura Bisse continues to evolve and this year  reveals the secret with which film stars care for their skin, “Inhibit Face Lift”. It is a wonderful treatment that not only leaves the skin illuminated and resplendent, but also helps prevent lines of expression as well as attenuate them by 70%. You can imagine that with this headline, the anxiety to try it was immediate.

When we found out that the treatment was exclusively for Nails Couture Beauty, we did not hesitate a second to take an appointment to try it. We trust in the beauty center of Isabela Maia, because in addition to being an expert in the sector, the professionalism of her team generates absolute confidence.


The treatment was carried out in one hour, using innovative techniques with meticulous steps that begin with a cleansing of our skin. Subsequently, an intensive exfoliation combining different acids that ends with a cellulose mask.





When removing it, the techniques of facial massage activators have been indispensable in this treatment. Not only do they help with muscle fixation, but they also revitalize the collagen in our skin, giving it more elasticity and firmness.



Later, it continues with an anti-wrinkle super concentrated with relaxing neuropeptides that aim to relax the facial muscles reducing wrinkles (similar to botox, but without pain, without needles and in a lower dose).

Natura-Bisse-Ultimate-Hollywood-SkinTreatment nails couture beauty


Finally, a repairing and moisturizing mask with a hyaluronic acid-based filling effect that not only works superficially, but also in the middle and inner layer of the skin leaving a very soft texture.

It is amazing the feeling on the skin at the end of the treatment. In addition to feeling very hydrated, we can see how the lines of expression are more attenuated, thus obtaining a smoother and lighter complexion. According to Isabel, the professional who has done it to us, the effect of Inhibit Face Lift is progressive and is indicated two to three times a month, obtaining more visible results in cases where wrinkles are more marked.


Do you want to prevent fine lines?

Do you have wrinkles and would you like to attenuate them before exposing yourself to aesthetic medical treatments?

Do you have a matte complexion and need lighting and elasticity?

This is the treatment you must try and you will undoubtedly notice the changes. The price oscillates in the 100 euros, we consider that to be an effective and innovative treatment, it is very good, besides feeling in the glory after going through the cabins of Nails Couture Beauty.

Inhibit Face-Lift came to Hollywood to prepare the skin of the stars before the great gala of the cinema. For the first time you can also enjoy this revolutionary cabin lift in scoop. There is not much to think about other than taking an appointment at 915 341 708/609 218 001 or by email to