Discover the 5 new English Fields by Jo Malone London.

We returned from London after visiting the Townhouse of Jo Malone London and having known English Fields the new 5 fragrances created from the fields of Great Britain.

Today we want to tell you how English Fields was born and introduce you to its two perfumers called Céline Roux and Mathilde Bijaoui. It is not the first time that they have worked together on a project of Jo Malone London and they have united once again to create English Fields.


Celine says that growing up in France, she spent summers in the countryside, surrounded by nature. Since moving to the UK ,she spent time in the British countryside and developed a fascination for the textures, colors and ingredients of the grain and harvest traditions in Britain. This is where she began to think that this could become a fragrance concept and it was. … “There is a beauty in the imperfection of the English landscape: I love the contrast of the cultivated fields with the outbursts of flowers and the lush pastures that you can not control. That was the turn I wanted to capture in this collection … “


Why did you decide to create a collection instead of an individual colony?

It would have been too limiting to stop at one when there are so many flavors to be explored. We focus on grains such as wheat, barley and rye, but since they all have different olfactory qualities, it felt natural to pair them individually with complementary wildflowers.


Mathilde Bijaoui tells that she is very happy to work with Jo Malone London again because she loves her way of developing fragrances. … “Making cereals and grains the main focus was the first thing for me, in a place where I had never been before as a perfumer …”




Poppy & Barley

Céline: The poppy was important for this collection, since it is essentially British and symbolic for this country. Aesthetically they are so bright and vibrant, while barley has a soft texture like cotton and a nourishing warmth. That contrast is very Jo Malone London.

Primrose y Rye

Mathilde: The primroses are cheerful yellow flowers, so I used corn, coconut and mimosa to improve that rich and misty solar effect. To obtain a smoky heat, I added the rye, which has a hint of vanilla and a real earthy touch.


Oat and Cornflower

Céline: Mathilde proposed an agreement to represent oats, which is healthy, delicious and addictive.

Mathilde: To reproduce the madness of the oats, I included the hazelnut, then I enhanced the fragrance with the warm and sweet tobacco and the earthy vetiver.

Honey and Saffron

Céline: One of the views we had for English Fields was of bees flying over the meadows and pollinating flowers, so we wanted a honey note in one of the fragrances. Crocus is a spring flower par excellence, and Mathilde was able to combine the two perfectly.


Green wheat and Meadowsweet

Céline: The idea was to capture the beginning of spring, that moment when a fresh breeze crunches the young green wheat fields.

Mathilde: I used grapefruit to extract the freshness of the wheat. I love what vetiver brings: it is an earthy note that really resonated with the grain.


We loved sharing a new experience together, congratulations to Celine and Mathilde for English Fields!