Red carpet in Zurich opens the door to a new member of Breitling, Navitimer 8.

More than 600 exclusive guests at the Hallenstadion in Zurich for the presentation of the new Navitimer 8 collection. Georges Kern, the new CEO of the renowned watch company, announces that a legend of the future is arriving and the innovation together with the most sophisticated evolution will be its important pillars.


The new collection of Navitimer 8, is composed of 5 watches that are inspired by the legacy of Breitling and its principles with the first aviator watches without leaving aside the future revealed to classic pieces.


Everything evolves and becomes a historical milestone where a company’s path towards its legend future is visualized, as its hashtag indicates #LegendaryFuture


We have witnessed the event and enjoyed the gala together with people linked to sport, international economy and entertainment such as Guillaume Canet, Richard E. Grant, Cayetano Rivera, among many others.


In addition to red carpet, an entertaining dinner by Swiss chef René Schudel, we have enjoyed a private collection of 60 ironic Breitling antique models. For us, they have undoubtedly been a point of reference to know the history of the brand and imagine what is capable of getting its new CEO, with the great family that accompanies it.


A new trend is coming from the hands of Breitling, there are many stories that are about to be revealed. According to Kern … “The Navitimer 8 is a tribute to our past, but it also serves for something of much more importance. It is opening the door to a very exciting future. “