Trousers with clips, a trendy tip for 2018.

The skinny pants are totally out. It was finished to go tight with our rockers jeans , in this 2018 pants with clips are a must have. Of course, fashion evolves every season and with it,  new options to dress up.

New silhouettes and patterns reach the windows of the big cities and the catwalks of great designers such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Marni and Casely-Hayford. It is time to take the shirts  inside the pants and so wear accessories such as belts, handles or not use any, that is not bad either.

Meanwhile, what happens on the catwalks? Clips everywhere …!



And in Milan, Paris, London, did they dare to Tweezers pants ? Of course…



Here we present some Marni options from 288 euros and up. Solid ,very alive colors and combined with sneakers without any type of complement.

pantalones-con-pinzas-marni Marni-pantalones-pinzas

The proposal of Gucci is more versatile .Accessories like rings or shoes with buckle play a great role in the look. And for those who do not use rings? We add a belt if we need a complement. They are available online from 460 euros.

Pantalones-pinzas-Gucci Pantalones-Pinzados-gucci

Sandro Paris continues in his line of identification of slim fit pants. In this season he did not want to be left out and the Tweeze ones came too. By the way, they are very elegant combined with cordoned shoes . They are available from 225 euros.


Zara is in continuous search within the industry and of course, their clips trousers are already a boom in all their shop windows. There are for many tastes, straight, wide, slim fit, short and long, From 39.99 euros.



As you will see there are options for all budgets and there are no excuses not to take them this 2018.