Discover the sneakers that, over time, are still your trendy spot.

As we all know, there are classic sneakers that do not go out of style and over time are promoted within the industry. This is the case of the selection we have made for men and women. Being accessible models of price, it is ideal to invest in them. We can use them during all the seasons of the year and in multiple urban looks.They will be perfect companions of trips.

We will start with a vintage mini selection that we love so much.

Asics, Onitsuka Tiger.

Comfortable, light and super tops for those looks with white shirt and slim fit jeans. They bring a sporty look and conquer over time.

Reebok, Club C 85 Leather.

It is not known if it is its retro 90’s inspiration or its importance marking style in the european streetwear . What is clear is that these shoes has become a must of urban fashion. Undoubtedly, it is the most top Reebok has so far, with rubber sole and a styling that you will not want to take them off.


Adidas, Stan Smith.

They have been the must have of these last years, 2016,2017 and we will undoubtedly see them in 2018. We believe that they can not be missing in the wardrobe of every man and woman. Probably the most famous shoes of Adidas, becoming known in 1965, to this day.

Adidas-Stan-Smith-WitheAdidas, Dragon.

We continue with the same brand, but a little more retro, since they became known in the 70s’ being a boom of the moment for those who did not play tennis but boasted about it. This is how their Adidas Dragon looked. Can you imagine them in a navy blue suit and white shirt?


Converse, Chuck Taylor Low Tops.

What would become of our wardrobe without these slippers?

Do not be foolish … “if you do not have them … you need them”. Perfect companions for travel and a look that never fails: Black leather jacket, white shirt, jeans and white converse of a lifetime. Are you ready to travel with them?



Nike, Classic Cortez.

They are the original Nike running shoes that were designed by Bill Bowerman in 1972 and since then, they have stayed to give that cool – sporting touch. Sometimes  they are seen with suits and T-shirt. giving a very cool Californian touch.


We moved to the 80 ‘, a decade after the previous nike and we say that these PONY have an ideal point to continue with their own identity. They were the typical shoes for giving, but that never then, we would have chosen them. Today they are at their best moment!


Vans, Old Skool Black

It has remained as one of the most popular models of Vans. The low cut silhouette, together with the famous “gofre” sole and the side stripe, helped to create the identity of the skate shoes since the 70s and 80s. When the first skaters needed a slipper with grip while they were sliding and skidding by the streets, Vans was listening and carrying it out. Today we can see them in many street style of Influencers, bloggers or pop-rock figures.Zapatillas-Vans-Old-Skool-Black-

And the modern slippers that came to stay are …

Golden Goose

Created by Francesca and Alessandro Gallo in 2000. Inspired by the passion they shared for art, fashion to fuse it into a very interesting shoe with the look of “used – new”. Produced in Venice with the traditional techniques of Made in Italy, the line since then offers a modern and elegant Italian style for those who are looking for something special to use every day.Golden-goose-sneakers

Common Projects

Created in 2004 by Prathan Poopat and Flavio Girolamo. They scale to the distinguished sector taking into account that they constantly collaborate between artists and recognized designers. Inspired by the basic principles of creating sneakers that are practical, but luxurious at the same time.


Alexander Mc Queen, Oversized.

An icon of the firm, the oversized Alexander Mcqueen are those sneakers very top with a touch of platform to not only gain height, but to create more daring looks.

Balenciaga Speed Trainer.

Considered the “Luxury sock for runners and one of the coolest for the fashion world” They are perfect if you want to not go unnoticed in your outfit. Both white and black have a very chic touch in addition to looking very comfortable.


Christian Louboutin, Rantulow Calf Graine

Once again, Louboutin brings his touch of luxury to some basic leather sneakers, perfect for use in suits, jeans or shorts in the middle of summer.


Gucci, Ace.

It is the classic low-cut sneaker, with the identification trunks of the Italian firm on its sides. It has been one of the most seen in 2016. In 2017 with the patch versions that continue today.Leather-sneakers-gucci-zapatillas_blancas

If you had to add a pair of shoes to your wardrobe, which ones would you choose from our selection?