The accessories that will be a must have in this season.

Today we want to share a selection of accessories that are already part of our wardrobe background to be able to combine them on different occasions. As many know, the accessories are a key point in the looks and should be selected with great care to avoid excesses.

Remember that in work situations, less is more. A reversible black / brown leather belt is a key element and very easy to use on multiple occasions. We have chosen a distinguished Salvatore Ferragamo belt, which will be a key piece in your executive or informal look.



 At the time of paying at a table, that gentleman who has a very chic wallet, as is the case of this Saint Laurent crocodile skin effect, also shows off. 



The Borsalino hat elevates the look to a maximum level, besides of being recognized worldwide as one of the most elegant and Italian style hats. We loved this one of LVR because it is foldable in a deep blue tone.



The scarves are ideal to wrap us up but also to add a touch of color to our urban style. And if color is concerned, nothing better than this MISSONI with its colorful and original fabrics that marked its success in 1953 from the hands of the Croatian Ottavio Missoni and the Italian Rosita Jelmini.Missoni Luisa Via Roma copia

And if we find ourselves with low temperatures, we think of top-quality gloves like Adidas offers in this wonderful sports collection.

guantes luisa via roma

As many of you know, the bike is one of our means of transport and in winter it is not a good option if we are not well protected. We have discovered that Falke has designed this functional hood with nylon stretch mask that has been able to combat low temperatures. We think it’s super functional!

FALKE Luisa Via Roma

A suede belt with a western-style buckle for those informal looks gives a very cool stitch. We love the suede and the combination of this Saint Laurent model to be used with jeans, white shirts and give that casual touch.



To play sports, to take care of the sun, to not to comb our hair and to go out to the city, sea or countryside, we cannot miss a hat. This one from the firm New Era is embroidered with the LA letters inspired on the west coast of the United States, precisely in Los Angeles, city of the stars. 



We want to share with you that we have discovered Luisa Via Roma and we found multiple options and brands that we love. In each purchase, you can enjoy collecting LVR POINTS which you can exchange for many benefits. It should be noted that they have a very efficient service, the products arrive in a timely manner.

We invite you to visit their website because there are very interesting proposals for both women and men. We have already made our Christmas purchase and very soon we will share it in our social networks.

Which of all the accessories did you like the most?