Gifts that you can not stop doing if you want to surprise someone.

There are always details that make the difference and today we offer you 10 gifts to succeed in different opportunities from affordable prices such as toothpastes to higher ones like exclusive jewelery. Cordiality is one of the principles that we have been taught since we were very young and there are certain behaviors that are greatly enhanced.

What would you give to the man of your life?

No doubt a good watch is the perfect accessory of every gentleman and an essential jewel for man. Which one? It depends on everyone’s taste . If you are in Madrid, Chocron Jewelry has a wonderful selection of more than 30 prestigious brands that can seduce you in addition to a personalized and distinguished service.

What would you give to the woman of your life?

Here it is about to knowing her a little more. There are women who adore handbags, others prefer jewelry or a bouquet of flowers. But if there is one thing we are sure about is that 80% love to travel. Nothing like a 48 – 72hs of a romantic trip with a reservation in a fabulous restaurant, concert or theater. If it is about handbags, LuisaViaRoma is the right portal to make your purchase, in addition to the speed of delivery, you will have an endless number of options in a single click.


What would you give to that friend who is not only at parties?

These people deserve something special and it is required to grace them with a very personal touch. In this type of case, we are giving away experiences, body treatments, facials or a Spa day in which we can accompany them or not depending on the case. If you are in Spain, a trip to Atrio Restaurant – Hotel will be an unforgettable plan.


What would you give to a person with a high hierarchical position with whom you have had contact and would you like to remind you?

Without hesitation,distinguished chocolates are definitely a perfect idea and if it is Swiss even better. For those who live in Madrid, Moscovitas de Rialto, they never fail.


What would you give to that person who likes interior design, decoration or who has a high profile for aesthetics?

A select candle of the British firm Jo Malone London. There is a very interesting variety of aromas that could fall in love very easily.


What would you give to a study partner or coworker?

We would look for some element that is within our reach and that he/she needs it to exercise the daily tasks. A good pen could be a great detail.


What would you give your customers if you have a small or medium business?

More and more people like identity in the objects that we buy or receive. It is very likely that they remember this type of gesture more than a pen or calendar with the name of the company. (Avoid self-advertising in gifts, it’s out!) However, a discount card or gift voucher could be a very strategic and conquering point.


What would you give to your pet on his/her birthday?

A toy that catches her/his attention may be a winter coat, a great walk in the park or those special snacks that they like so much.


An original gift to surprise those people who love to travel?

Tablets for brushing teeth Miles of Miles by Lush Cosmetics. They are really wonderful, we have been using them for a year for each trip, as well as being light for the toiletry bag.


What can you give to yourself?

Although this last point is very personal and depends on the taste of each person, we believe that nothing better than living an experience. It can be buying a perfume, a trip, an accessory that completes the wardrobe background or that bag or watch you’ve been wanting for years. Go for it!