Horcher, the best restaurant in Madrid to eat game animals.

As many of you know, we are the kind of living traditions, experiencing them and finding their magic point. Horcher has much more than that and today we will share our fabulous experience surrounded by a restaurant full of legends and elegant diners. Politicians, recognized figures, Kings and an endless number of personalities have shared emblematic stories, many secrets that have been kept forever in these walls.


The story tells that Horcher was born in 1904 precisely in the city of Berlin and around 1943, as a result of the Second World War he moved to the city of Madrid.


Since then, it has been established at a strategic point, a few meters from the “Puerta de Alcalá”, with the traditional dishes of that time and customs that today are hardly seen anywhere.

Among them, men must wear a jacket which generates a select and very elegant atmosphere. And for the ladies, they put some cushions on their feet to rest from their steep heels. What do you think?


Its excellent service, complemented by a highly distinguished and traditional atmosphere, makes it possible to choose it and consider it one of our favorites in the Spanish capital.


According to Elisabeth Horcher, the fourth generation in charge of the restaurant with whom we shared a few pleasant minutes, she told us that “All clients receive the same treatment, whether they are princes, heads of state or any anonymous person.”

With regard to the letter, it is very varied and we recommend going to enjoy the game products in its season (autumn / winter) although with more than 70 dishes to choose from, they make it a very authentic place to enjoy all year round.


We have shared an ideal lunch with Teresa de La Cierva and Rafael Ríos, who not only knew Horcher for many years, but also told us their story in a very exciting way. Thanks for making us feel at home!

It’s time to start with a tasty appetizer, terrine of goose foie.



Next, an exquisite combined dish composed of:

– Smoked eel with horseradish sauce

– Herring cream with Kartoffelpuffer



Asparagus with vegetables in a delicious temperate broth.


November in Madrid, it is the time for the black truffle and nothing better than to accompany the next dish with them ..


Poached egg on Kartoffelpuffer. So delicious! … Without doubt, we would ask again and again, with a lot of truffle …!





Source of souffle potatoes, droughts, crispy and perfect to eat alone or accompany some seasonal meat.


Deer Chops … A delight in its strategic point!




Hungarian beef goulash … We fell in love with this German dish…!



Leave Horcher without dessert? Of course it was not in our plans. In front of our table is a filtered aroma of Brandy and begins to open even more the appetite. This has just begun!








According to a Vanity Fair report of August 2013, said that … “Sophia Loren or Gina Lollobrigida, Dalí and Charles Chaplin have tasted the house’s quintessential dessert: the famous Baumkuchen (tree pie)”. Of course, we have also tried it to accompany a tea and, that way end this great lunch.



Years living in Madrid and many people told us about Horcher, it was time to meet him and tell them about our experience. After having visited it, we can say that in Horcher you have to eat or dine at least once in your life, although it will not be our case, because we will return again and again.

Thanks to all the team, the fantastic Chef who came to the table to greet us, as well as Elizabeth Horcher, Rafael Rios and Teresa de La Cierva for making this a wonderful lunch.

Do you want to visit Horcher? Here we leave you some Important Data!

Address: Alfonso XII Street, 6 28014 Madrid

Reservations: 915220731
Reservations: 915220731
Price range: € 120 -150 € per person.