The mysterious aroma that comes from English Oak by Jo Malone London.

A few days ago we returned from New Forest, England, with a magical feeling that we have brought from the new campaign called English Oak. The combination of the British oak and the sensations transmitted by the forest is a perfect alchemy that is irresistible to wear on the skin. We have a beautiful story to share with you that begins like this: … “Once upon a time …



The amazing experience was carried out in three stages. The first consisted in recognizing the English oaks flying over them and learning about their habitat, recognizing them in situ.

We have learned that according to the great master perfumer Yann Vasnier … “Oak is a precious and noble wood. It is powerful and iconic. In perfumery, you will often find sandalwood and cedar wood, but oak has something unique. It is majestic and mysterious …” After these words, who refuses to have it on their skin?

Los Arys - English Oak - Jo Malone London


The second stage has been very interesting and full of learning. We have traversed the New Forest trails recognizing plant, wood and fruit species that make up the exquisite English Oak fragrance. We emphasize the passion for the detail of the team of Jo Malone London to travel every station in the forest with the respect and love for nature that is required. It was really amazing!










And this is where we come to the third and final stage, discover the new fragrances:

English Oak & Redcurrant and English Oak & Hazelnut, perfect to use alone or paired for a Fragrance Combining absorber that we like.




An exquisite lunch inspired by the fragrances received us to toast for this new success of Jo Malone London that today allows knowing the British oak from the beauty point.


We invite you to watch the English Oak`s opening teaser video

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