Men start encouraging pink look.

There are many prejudices with the garments or colors that we choose to wear and one of them is the pink look color. Fortunately this European Summer has encouraged many men to wear pink animated by the fashion industry and creative directors of large companies.


Brands such as Adidas, Kenzo, Common Project, Givenchy, Gucci, D Square, Valentino, Wood Mood, F.A.M.T, Vans, Stammbaum, Olivier Spencer, Comme des Garçons, Loveless, Orlebar Brown, Versace, have introduced ideal garments to incorporate in our looks.


Here we share some clothes that we have selected as wish list to not let them escape.




According to Alexander Atkins, editor of Mr Essentialist commented “Color means trust and nothing like pink for it. My first pink piece was a button shirt and I think a classic shirt is a great way to introduce color into your closet. On holidays this year, I hope to wear a pink bathing suit, it complements the tan to perfection! “



The pink becomes a wardrobe of every man, absolutely combinable in informal looks, as well as formal. The gray, pink, black, white colors are very good friends when it comes to putting together your look. A good recommendation, when you see converse all stars pink, do not let them escape, will be the star point when you decide to use them in jeans and white shirts.