The options offered by Yusty Madrid are wonderful.

Today we want to tell you about the multi-brand Yusty Madrid, a reference point in the Spanish capital for all those men who love to be at the forefront. With over 100 years, Yusty Madrid maintains classicism, tradition and continues to walk the path of luxury. Its marvelous store is located on Serrano 54 Street and there you will be able to find handmade tailoring combined with ready-to-wear and exclusive international brands such as Moncler, Valentino, Etro, N21, Acné Studios, Lanvin, Neil Barret, Maison Martin Margiela ,among others.

Yusty Madrid Serrano 56

We consider that Yusty is a benchmark for the European tourist and local customer for many reasons. The trajectory, the great diversity that offers to find many options in a single store and the warmth of their attention making you live a wonderful experience from the moment you enter the store.

Yusty Madrid Serrano

We read in a wonderful non-serial article where Daniel Yusty, the director, commented… “Each costume involves 50 hours of craftsmanship and complete clothing, four weeks of work and three tests. The price starts from 2,800 euros up to the limit set by the customer, “. And, although he does not want to specify names of his distinguished clientele, Daniel says, “All the presidents have dressed here.”

For our holidays in Ibiza we have selected some looks from Yusty Madrid. Here we show you one that we have loved.

Polo and pant of Valentino being a combination for both afternoon or informal cocktails.



The shoes are from the Christian Louboutin store located at  Claudio Coello 13, Madrid.. They correspond to the Spring Summer 2017 collection.


The glasses are Persol 649 series, classic, totally timeless and versatile for multiple looks.



We were delighted to share a short review of Yusty Madrid and the possibilities it offers. We invite you to know its instagram: @yustymadrid.

The store is located at Serrano 56 Street, Salamanca district, Madrid. You will love it!