Today everyone wants to show off the freckles of youth.

We have observed how the freckles on the face are the strong trend this year. Models, celebrities, bloggers are drawing freckles on their faces to give the appearance of eternal youth. It is clear that campaigns in the fashion industry seek to renew and generate new sensations with make-up, clothing and idyllic sites.



The opinion is of the make-up artist Gucci Westman, is that “Freckles are a sign of youth that brings real quality of life to the skin”



The closest case is the recent campaign by Selena Gomez for the Italian Gucci house. Dont you see it?


What has given Zara to create their new campaigns with men and their freckles for this 2017-18 …




In Argentina, the renowned clothing brand Vitamina has chosen Luisana Lopilato, Argentinian and wife of Michael Bublé for its latest collection … What about her make up? Freckles.


The film industry does not run out of freckles …. Here we see Penelope Cruz and Emma Watson wearing them with a lot of attitude ..



The freckles came back to stay, it is obvious that a make-up can achieve sensations and combat with the passage of time generating younger, subtle and lively expressions. It is the game of never ending, who has them by birth, strives to have a skin free of them and meanwhile, who do not take them, we want to incorporate.

If we do not have freckles and we want to get them, we have only to acquire them even if you do not believe it …

We have discovered that it can be found in a sticker format and can be placed on the nose, chin, forehead or cheekbones. The duration time is approximately two days. While for the most perfectionists, the English cosmetics firm Topshop launched its “freckle pencil”, a pencil that, they say, has the same tone and texture to achieve them naturally.

Would you encourage yourself to wear freckles at your next event?