18 Restaurants that you can visit through our references.

As lovers of gastronomy we have made a small selection with 18 restaurants that can be to your liking if the good eating is something that interests you. In the selection you can find one that suits the weekday plan, weekend or schedule it with friends or partner.

1.An Asian Fashion in Madrid …  Enso Sushi


For all those who are pretentious with fish, cannot choose a better place. Without a doubt Enso Sushi fuses quality, service, location and an incredible winery. (Do not forget to try the Panacota as well as the black sesame ice cream) .Exquisite!

Address: Paseo de la Castellana 15, entrada por Fernando el Santo.

Reservations: 91 319 03 90

Hours: Monday to Sunday from 13:30 hs noon and from 20:30 h. at night.

Price: from 45 € to 60 €. Executive menu: 35 € Tasting menu 49 € without pairing. Pairing: € 22

Remarks: Valet service and one reserved for social-business events

2. A very romantic French in Madrid …El Viejo León.


For all those who would like to spend a very romantic evening El Viejo Leon in Madrid is a very special place, it is a retro room with dim lights, floral paper on the walls and mirrors on the ceiling. Totally inspired in France in all its aspects. It was founded by Marguerite Soubeyroud at the end of 1970. Today it has more than 40 years of experience serving exquisite French dishes that have tasted important personalities of the Royal House, politicians, among others.

(Our favorites are the steak tartar that the cook prepares directly on the table, as well as the cheese board or snails).

Address: Calle Alfonso X, 6  Madrid.  (Muy cerca del Paseo de la Castellana)

Reservations:  91 310 06 83.

Price: from 60 to 70 € per person.

Observations: It is closed on Saturdays and Sundays at noon

3. A full-fledged Spanish … El Babero Restaurant


No doubt the Cuchy Perez team will conquer you with their passion for Spanish gastronomic art and the warmth of an interesting restaurant to meet. You will not miss the Manchego cheese, Serrano ham and among its star dishes the candied onion omelette, the tartar of avocado and salmon that is outstanding, as well as legumes. The catch of the day for fish lovers .. It’s time to put on The Bib because it will not let you down!

Address: Paseo San Millán de la Cogolla, 14, 28050 Madrid

Reservations:  917 50 68 52

Price: from 55 to 80 € per person

Observations: Timetable Noon: 13.30h-16.30h (M-T-T-W-F-S)

                           Night: Thursday and Friday from 20.30 until 02.00. Closed on Saturdays

4. A typical Indian …. Surya Madrid.


From the streets of Mumbai to the center of the Spanish capital, Surya Madrid arrived with typical Hindu gastro and inspired by the street food that is served in clandestine kiosks. Surya is a deep trip to India in all its aspects. You can enjoy the brunch that is served on Sundays or lunch – menu or à la carte. We consider it a different plan to meet it with friends, couple or just spend a day by its bar and take an exquisite Mango Lassie.

Address: Calle Tudescos 4, Madrid

Reservations:  912 54 53 06

Price: 20 € a la carte or Brunch only on Sundays 13 €. (Includes drink, plate, dessert and infusion).

5. An Asturian with all the letters … Casa Hortensia


Under, authentic and much requested is how we define Casa Hortensia in Madrid. An Asturian who knows very well how to conquer you. Among ciders, fabes, fabadas, cabrales cheese and a delicious hake, is positioned in the list of our favorite Asturian. It is located on the first floor and we have arrived at the recommendation of a friend. After knowing it, we already know where to be able to take away the cravings of the Asturian gastro that we like so much.

Address: Calle de la Farmacia, 2, 28004 Madrid

Reservations:  915 39 00 90

Price: between 35 and 50 €.

Observations: Reservations are always required.

6. A trendy restaurant, Tatel Madrid.


Tatel Madrid, is more than a trendy restaurant where celebrities, politicians, among others. It is a multispace where you can enjoy exclusive dinners with live music, exquisite cocktails in a wonderful bar. In addition, there are classy snacks inspired by the afternoon tea in London, as well as business lunches. It has an area of 800 square meters and capacity for more than 225 people distributed in different sectors with a clear American style of the 20’s along with the wonderful art-deco. (Our favorite dishes are the truffle tortilla, the black cod macerated in red wine moruno and the salad of cigalas).

Address: Paseo de la Castellana, 36, 28046 Madrid

Reservations:  911 72 18 41

Price: between 50 and 70 €.

Observations: You must Booking, Tatel is usually complete on weekends.

7. A glass in … Amazonico Restaurant


Amazónico has become a reference point of the night of Madrid being the same owners of “Ten con Ten”, “El Paraguas”, “Quintin”, in the privileged area of Jorge Juan. In addition to its exquisite cuisine and cuts of international meats, enjoying a drink in the bar or in the Jazz club are very tempting propositions in a completely different place to see and be seen.

Address: Calle Jorge Juan, 20, 28001 Madrid

Reservations:  915 15 43 32

Price: between 60 and 90 €.

Observations: It is not necessary to reserve a drink but for lunch or dinner it is essential to make a reservation.

8. A Cosmopolitan … Lobby Market


In the heart of the GRAN VIA MADRILEÑA, we find the Lobby Market, a cosmopolitan restaurant that stands out for a chic space with predominance of woods, exposed brick and plants. Its kitchen with Japanese-Mediterranean influence is carried out by the great chef Jorge Reina, known for his great trajectory. Crisp flavors, fresh materials and a melting point define a close and mature cuisine, which comes in different formats to suit different times of the day. (Our favorite dish is smoked sardines xxl with juniper berries and basil of toasted paprika. Also do not forget to try their tapas and servings in the bar)

Address: Calle Gran Vía, 10, 28013 Madrid

Reservations:  915 32 68 67

Price: between 35 and 50 €.

Bookings: Book on weekends.

9. A special Brunch at the Santo Mauro Hotel.


We consider the Santo Mauro a very elegant and distinguished hotel within the capital of Madrid, away from the typical Gran Vía but in a very special environment on the Zurbano street. On Sundays Brunch is held, depending on the time of year, either in the library room or in Spring – Summer in its beautiful gardens. It is certainly a great idea to start Sunday wonderfully in a very welcoming setting. We love it and we repeat it whenever we can!

Address: Calle de Zurbano, 36, 28010 Madrid

Reservations:  913 19 69 00

Price: € 45 includes drinks and champagne

Observations: Brunch is only served on Sundays, and you need to reserve.

10. A Michelin in the capital of Madrid … Álbora Restaurant.


Álbora is a landmark restaurant in Madrid that stands out for choosing the best of traditional cuisine based on contemporary techniques to offer extraordinary flavors. It is one of the sites awarded with a Michelin Star in 2016, awarded by Soles Repsol and M of Metropolis 2014 without obviating the Certificate Excellence Winner 2014 TripAdvisor. The attention and quality of its products position it in a restaurant of absolute quality. We had loved the experience of the exquisite menu.

AddressC/ Jorge Juan 33, Madrid

Reservations: 91 781 61 97

Price: 58 to 78 € ,the tasting menu depending on the choice or 35-40 € in the bar downstairs.

Observations: (You can enjoy of its ground floor or terrace with exquisite portions and tapas or reserve on the first floor where the gourmet restaurant is located)

11. A Rural Restaurant that you will not forget … O ‘Eirado das Margaridas.


What a great surprise we took when we met O ‘Eirado das Margaridas in Pontevedra, Galicia. This is a family run rural restaurant that has charmed us for many reasons. The quality of gastronomy, as we know “galicia calidade” are not just two words, it is much more than that. This super restaurant in addition to having many spaces for lunch or dinner, has a personalized attention that Margarita and its team make you feel at home from minute one. (Do not forget to try the Galician empanadas of zamburinhas and the monkfish on the grill)

AddressCamiño da Paradela, 5, 36995 Poio, Pontevedra

Reservations: 986 77 04 80

Price: The midday menu goes from 12 to 15 € and the price to start a la carte is € 20-30

Observations: Reserve by chance.

12. An English Afternoon Tea at The Petersham Hotel.


What a charming place in the locality of Richmond to 13.2 kilometers to the southwest of the station of Charing Cross, England. It is a flowery, Gothic Italian mansion on the top of a hill overlooking the Thames River. Style, class and distinction are the three words that define this wonderful place that we share today and you will undoubtedly enjoy the experience of an exquisite English Tea with all the ceremony. (The English scons of the image are fresh out of the oven waiting to be smeared with the characteristic buttercream). Who can resist the afternoon tea at the Petersham Hotel?

Address: Nightingale Ln, Richmond TW10 6UZ, Reino Unido

Reservations: +44 20 8940 7471

Price: Afternoon Tea:40 lbs.

Observations: Always reserve.


13. In the mythical alleyway of Jorge Juan … Taberna Los Gallos.


In the mythical alley of Jorge Juan you will find one of the most charming and discreet terraces of the area. You can enjoy light gastronomy with canary touches, such as crumbled potatoes with hot mojo or ‘fried fish and variety of boquerones’. Los Gallos, is usually always full and we know that whoever tries it, repeats. One of our favorite dishes is the Iberian cheek with sweet potato puree and reduced sauce with Pedro Jiménez red wine.

Address: Calle Puigcerdà, 4, 28001 Madrid

Reservations: 914 31 06 47

Price: between 35 and 45 €.

Observations: Reserve and order in Terraza.

14. An American from the Far West … Tonatiuh Restaurant.


What a major discovery the Tonatiuh Restaurant for all lovers of meat and great quality hamburgers. If you would like to try wagyu meat, this is the right place because they are the ones who raise the animals on spacious farms in the area. Carlos, the owner of the site, reveals that he has traveled all over the United States looking for the perfect hamburger and he has succeeded. He set up an inspired restaurant in the far west of Texas where you sit inside a movie from the moment you arrive. Not to mention the quality of the raw material, to our understanding the best hamburgers in Spain without a doubt. Although it is half an hour from Madrid’s capital by car. Who tests it, repeats it!

Address: Carr. de Ajalvir, 6, 28814 Daganzo de Arriba, Madrid

Reservations: 918 86 79 66

Price: between 25 and 35 €.

Observations: Its schedules are from 13 to 17 and from 20 to 24 hours, reservations are not allowed, go early because it is always complete.

15. A Vietnamese who marks legend … Saigon Café


The years go by and the Saigón Café of Madrid continues in a prestigious place when talking about Vietnamese gastronomy. You can enjoy a discreet atmosphere and know its new tasting menu at 32 euros which promises a lot. Our favorite dish is the ‘soft shell crab’ (soft toasted crab with black pepper) …A delight!

Address: María de Molina, 4 –esq. Castellana, 66-.

Reservations: 91 563 15 66.

Average price: 30-35 €.

Observations: from Monday to Sunday from 13:30 to 16:30; And from 20:30 to 00:30 h.

16. A Caprice and a touching place … Atrio Restaurant.


Atrio Restaurante is located inside the facilities of Atrio Hotel of Relais Chateaux in the province of Cáceres Spain. In addition to having the most important winery in the world is a restaurant awarded with michelin stars and recognized in the international gastronomic environment. After meeting Atrio, nothing will be the same. Their tasting menu is a way to a gastronomic paradise. Our sincere congratulations to Toño, Jose, Carminia and all the team for the dedication, the atmosphere, cordiality that make you feel phenomenal in an incomparable space.

Address: Plaza San Mateo, 1, 10003 Cáceres

Reservations:  927 24 29 28

Price: Our recommendation is to stay 1 night in Superior Double Room 1 Lunch or Dinner for 2 people (Tasting Menu) Total stay: € 530 + 10% VAT. See more proposals on the web.

Observations: (Always reserve)

17. A Lunch on the Mediterranean shore … Vintage 1934 Restaurant


Palma de Mallorca, the queen of the Balearic Islands, has much to offer. Today we want to share this wonderful site located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea precisely at the Beach Hotel of Cap Vermell. We have loved the fresh proposal of fish and seafood as well as its nursery with different varieties of lobsters to enjoy. In addition the restaurant has the possibility to stay in its boutique hotel with only 12 rooms in a privileged site of the island

Address: Plaza Pins de Ses Vegues, 1  Canyamel Capeyera – Palma de Mallorca – España

Reservations:  971 841 157 

Price: 80 – 90 €.

18. A deluxe oriental at Villa Magna Hotel … Tse Yang


The Tse Yang of the Villa Magna Hotel has an elegant gastronomic proposal where the discretion and the refined nuances emanating from the Cantonese cuisine are their main reason for visiting. Its decoration with oriental vessels and art make you feel in a place of other latitudes in the blink of an eye. (Our favorite dish is the DIM-SUM, it has a gourmet style and the Peking Duck Style)       

Address: Paseo de la Castellana, 22, 28046 Madrid

Reservations:  914 31 18 88 

Price: 50 a 75€.

Observations: From 13 to 16:30 and from 20:30 to 24 hours. Reserve.

What do you think about the gastronomic proposal we have selected? Which is the one that tempts you to know?