Somos Garra and its differentiating point in the Spanish capital.

Today we had lunch at Somos Garra Restaurant, inside the prestigious Barceló Hotel in Madrid and we can tell you that it has been a totally different experience to the one we are used to. To begin with, we love the restó that are inside hotels because they have a special point that distinguishes them from those who are at the foot of the street. If to this we add incredible views to the mythical GRAN VIA in Madrid surrounded by a decoration created by the great designer Jaime Hayón, it becomes an extra sensorial climate. We always say that art and gastronomy are a ligature and in Somos Garra you will see that it is perfectly perceived.



Upon entering we took the elevator and started our journey to Somos Garra. We had a great artistic presentation that has caught our attention and we have clearly captured it for all of you.




Precisely on the second floor we found Somos Garra and it was here that we were received very kindly to begin to live a great experience.



The table is prepared and the views of the Gran Vía attract our attention for an eternal moment … Welcome to Madrid!




It is time to choose the wine to start this lunch that has many reasons to enjoy it as it deserves. In this case, the option was a “Pago de los Balagueses” Syrah 2014 an affordable and consistent wine, with full body, softer tannins and fruity notes. We would like to tell you that Syrah is a grape that is grown all over the world and we usually taste it during our visits in Argentina with Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon.



When we observe the letter of Somos Garra we were surprised that the same muta to the night, offering thus two options of dishes of Mediterranean inspiration in which cohabits tradition and salty vanguard of international gastronomy like the Nikkei, French or Scandinavian cuisine in charge of the wonderful Chef Juan Rioja who has already conquered us in Random Madrid.

It is time to start with these tasty “seta” croquettes and truffle in an intense crisp point.


We continue with a fresh salad of homemade preserved bonito, a light dish for hot noon or for light dinners.


The artichoke stuffed with txangurro and seafood broth is a typical dish of the cuisine of Juan Rioja. Although we had already tried it on Random, are those dishes that we would repeat.



It came to us the star dish of noon and we give it to this exquisite hake comfit with warm vinaigrette of clams. The image speak for itself …



We finish with a meatloaf of Iberian prey and handyman with spices.



Roasted pineapple with red fruits, vanilla and white chocolate to tint the flavors. But here our lunch does not end; it’s time to meet Garra Bar.



Have a drink at Garra Bar?

We descended to the ground floor of the hotel and we found the sculpture of the “la osa”, a figure so typical of Madrid but in this case modernized. Around it was accompanied by a contemporary decoration and something very curious were the sculptures of Valencian faces in the windows form the environment of Garra Bar.




Behind the “la osa”, we found the Garra Bar that has much to conquer and was here where we stand to tasted an exquisite cocktail. You can also do it any time of the day enjoying cocktails at € 12, champagne from € 11 per drink, tapas from € 6 and oysters from € 5.50 unit, immersed in a very exclusive site.









What did you think of today’s proposal to live in the Spanish capital? Here are some important facts to keep in mind.

Somos Garra y Garra Bar are located in:
Addres: Barceló Torre Madrid, 2nd floor, Plaza de España, 18

Reservations: 915 242 399  

Price per person: 50 por persona.