Living Fragrance Combining at Jo Malone London Townhouse.

When we were proposed at Jo Malone London to create our Fragrance Combining we did not hesitate to want to live the experience in their central house in England. Those who know us, know that we are fanatics of perfumes and there isn’t a day that we do not wear one or several on our skin. We believe that in the correct mixture, one obtains the alchemy of an exquisite identity.


When we arrived in London we met the wonderful team of Jo Malone and we were able to perceive a select criterion where excellence and professionalism go together along the same path. The great ability on not to ignore up the last detail, positions them in one of the most respected signatures in the world and our favorite of the United Kingdom.

On the first day, we had an informative meeting with the Global Education Director of Jo Malone London, (Chris Wyatt) who has immersed us in the new concept of Fragrance Combining, for which we were there. Being able to personalize a fragrance and feeling yours, has a very precious value considering that a perfume marks a personality, a memory and a new stage.


We begin to remember moments, places, smells and it is where we confess to Chris our preferences of which, some of them are woods of the forest, the intense incense, the bergamot, leather, among others. It’s here when we started with the combination tests until we found our Fragrance Combining which marked a before and after …


Behind a perfume are many stories to tell and as our dear Chris Wyatt says, “The way we process it is that our emotional brain responds first before we realize what it is.” Fragrance Combining is the possibility to combine two exclusive fragrances of Jo Malone London to create a perfect fusion for your skin.


Something we love to point out is that the fragrances of Jo Malone London are unisex and grouped together by a selection of ingredients with high quality. You can find the group of citrus, fruity, light floral, spicy and woody. Undoubtedly it is a diverse real spectrum that reflects all kinds of personalities, tastes and with the possibility of choosing fragrances for any time of the year, night or day.

Ari Dieguez ( Oud & Bergamot + Black Cedarwood & Juniper ) and Ari Medeiro (Incense & Cedrat +Pomegranate Noir )


Continuing with the experience, in the evening we have enjoyed a scrumptious and heavenly dinner with the fantastic Poppy Delevigne where she revealed to us what her Fragrance Combining is and the reasons why she chooses to seduce her day by day activities.


It is time to return to our wonderful suite of Claridge’s Hotel, where in addition to rest, we have known different beauty products of Jo Malone London, creating a perfect harmony in our stay.

A new day begins in London, today the renowned Australian photographer Candice Lake, will take pictures of us to celebrate the creation of our Fragrance Combining.

Upon arrival at Jo Malone London Townhouse, Thomas Patterson (Global Communications Assistant) welcomed us and led us into the backstage room where a great team was waiting for us. Among them was the renowned British stylist Jane Taylor Hayhurst, Make Up by Sharon Dowsett and a great hair professional named Mark Coates from the prestigious firm Bumble and Bumble

Street Style with a distinctly Italian look created Bodaskins leather boots, Christian Louboutin boots together with Jo Malone London scooter ready for a special delivery of our Fragrance Combining.

We would like to thank Catalina de la Herrán, along with the communication team of Jo Malone London to have chosen us as the only base influencers in Spain to carry out this wonderful experience in London where we have managed to live an unparalleled experience creating our Fragrance Combining that today forms part of our daily routine.

You can also create your Fragrance Combining in Jo Malone London exclusive boutique’s, after creating it and having it on your skin, nothing will be the same.