Living an extrasensory experience called Atrio Restaurant.

Today we will try to tell you one of the most interesting gastronomic experiences we have had so far, Atrio Restaurant and its dishes that open the extremaduran cuisine to the whole world.

We start our trip on a Tuesday at noon from Madrid to Cáceres by taking approximately 300 km along the A5 road. Only 2 hours, 50 minutes of travel between music and talks becomes very short.

While we travel, we remember when several acquaintances in Madrid had spoken to us about Atrio and among them they told us … How many years in Spain and you still do not know Atrio? Unforgivable guys .. This is where we said no more talk, let’s date to visit it.

The plan was, to stay at the Hotel Atrio located in the historical center of the city. Rigth here is the wonderful Atrio restaurant awarded with two michelin stars and undoubtedly has one of the best wineries in the world.



Upon arrival, Jose welcomed us with a big smile; he is one of the founders, who presents himself to soak up the history of the place. We can really tell you that it is unimaginable the contrast of the building located in the historic center and inside a modernist masterpiece of Emilio Tuñón Álvarez and Luis Moreno Mansilla, who have been rewarded for this work.


Once there, we took the opportunity to walk through the historic center. We were just a few meters from the museum and its Hispano-Arabian cistern with spectacular arches, vaults and columns, being the second largest that is preserved, after the Istanbul Cistern.



Then we headed to the Santa María de Cáceres Cathedral where we had the possibility to climb the bell tower to enjoy a unique view of the old area of Caceres.



We went ahead and lost ourselves in the alleys of the old town and we arrived at one of the main entrances precisely to the Arc de la Estrella. From here you can see a beautiful view of the main square and next to the access to the Bujaco tower.







The sun is just hiding and it’s time to return to the hotel, a great dinner awaits us. As we prepared, we enjoyed our room with an eclectic, harmonious decor with just the right balance of comfort and sophistication. A bodyguard named “Romeo” on the other side of the window holds us ..

Atrio Hotel Caceres Romeo Pavo Real



At 20:45 we had an appointment in the most important winery in Europe, a very great illusion runs through our veins. Being inside the winery was something really magical, you have to live it to try to describe it with words …



We listened carefully to José Luis, who teached us a great selection of champagnes and different wines that had left us open-mouthed such as the collection of Château d’Yquem. It is conserved and exhibited in a small chapel, a work of art of architecture and wine.

Here are 80 different vintages, the oldest dating from 1806, whose bottle has entered the story in its own right thanks to an accident turned out, luckily, later in legend. And this legend, we prefer to be discovered in the atrio cellar when you decide to visit it.


When we went up to the restaurant, Toño Perez together with his great team was waiting for us to make this a very special night.

Told them that from minute one, we have begun to feel an extrasensorial climate and a gastronomic show where every detail was thought so that you can live an enriching experience enjoying the good food with magic touches that only Toño and his kitchen team can achieve.


We started with two glasses of champagne for the appetizers being a celebration night and one of the reasons is to be here!


In the following images you will be able to observe in detail step by step the dishes of an extraordinary gastronomic menu.

Crispy potato and goat cheese.


Lionesa of pasta with smoked bacon and oregano.


Tapena of toast, linen and amaranth in an idyllic presentation of cork oak.


That evening, we wanted to try a red wine from Galicia that we have been talking about and it was a coincidence that Jose Luis ,the sommelier, recommended it to us. It was Algueira Merenzao 2011 from Ribeira Sacra, light but tasty that highlights fruity aromas and had certainly been a good companion for the menu.


Carrot ravioli with ortiguilla, orange -carrot and ginger juice.



Taro pie, the novelty of the menu .. Exquisite!



Bloody Mary with tomato slush, cockle and chive ice cream.



Oyster grilled with olive oil in solid state with white vermouth sauce. Exquisite flavors that were enhanced!



Corvine ceviche with precise touches. You should start with the sphere of tiger milk sauce on lime base. We have loved the presentation in an ice bowl to keep the ceviche fresh and at an ideal temperature.Very innovative!




Iberian lunch with squid ink with ali oli, squid, pork with black rice and cayenne filaments.



Hake with cauliflower, white garlic, turnip and dried scallop.



Carabinero accompanied with mousse of carabinero, lesso of Iberian, shrimp mayonnaise, kikos with chicolee sauce.



Steak tartar with mustard ice cream accompanied with onion and hazelnut biscuit.



Retinto with brocoli in two proposals: Puree and natural.


Hunter’s crabcake with quince, green apple, olive oil vizcocho, matcha with ice-cream cake to hunt.


Torreja with Pedro Jimenez, chocolate ice cream, passion fruit and dehydrated parsley stems.


A cherry that was not cherry in tribute to the valley of the Jerte … You will have to discover it!


And to finish, a tree accompanied by exquisite goodies for those who still wanted more …





In conclusion a dreamy night where the smallest detail was at your fingertips, let alone the service of the staff who greeted us very kindly from our arrival. It was time to rest, tomorrow another day awaited us.


Dawn and at the foot of the bed an unforgettable breakfast next to an Andy Warhol charcoal hanging on the wall, was totally surreal.

Without a doubt both the Hotel Atrio and the restaurant were magical places where art in all its senses was in sight. The good taste in its dishes and refinement in its spaces made it a unique place in the world.

Thank you Caminia, Jose, Toño and the whole team for making this an unforgettable experience.

For more information do not hesitate to visit their website where you will find rates and plans to measure.