Leather jackets that conquer the world.

Leather jackets became a necessary garment in the dressing room of every man and woman. It is true that it brings a lot of history among its little things and today we like to be able to reveal it to our readers.


The first leather jacket was used by British pilots in World War II and in the year 1928 the brothers Irving and Jack Schott had a shop in New York and by order of a motorcyclist, they created a leather jacket that guarded of the cold and the rain, which they called “Perfecto”. Later, with the help of the Long Island dealer for Harley Davidson, the Schott brothers made their leather jackets a completely success.

On the other hand, the Hollywood film industry in the 50’s generated a great sensation when Marlon Brando appears on the scene with a leather jacket. At that moment, it became a symbol of rebellion and protest, so much so, that in the United States was banned the use of this garment in many schools.


In the mid 60’s, it was a garment widely used by women as a complement to the miniskirt and in the 70′ the jean jacket  was the boom linked to the hippie movement.

The great return of the “Perfecto” was in the decade of the 80 ‘when the leather jackets with metallic rivets were adopted by the punk movement and heavy metal extending later to the rest of the youth. Celebrities as relevant in those years as Elvis Presley, Bruce Springsteen or The Clash incorporated it into their wardrobe both in their performances and in their daily life.

The big revelation was undoubtedly in Paris in the mid-’80s, where Parisians dressed it up in trendy clubs and made it the “all night parties” icon. At the end of this decade the Schott brothers sold only in France more than 30,000 “Perfectos“, which made many designers to look at this garment and create multiple variants. This is the case of the French designer Yves Saint Laurent, who made it the undisputed star of the collection created in 1960 for the Dior House.


With this great story, the jacket takes a great legend without forgetting its appearance in the movie “Terminator“, with Arnold Schwarzenegger and even “Indiana Jones” among others, who have become a desired item. Without neglecting The Rolling Stone that made it part of their music, passing by Madonna, who used it as the only clothing in her provocative book Sexy Michael Jackson that gave the lead on the cover of her celebrated album Bad.


At present, it is used for those rocker, avant-garde looks, creating a very cool style and reinvented by the current great designers.


Here we have made a small selection of the designs offered by some recognized brands, to be able to observe variants in the clothing and prices. 

We start with an Acne Studios jacket, Price in store € 1,300

ACNE-STUDIOS-Axl-Slim-Fit-Suede-Panelled-Leather-Jacket-2ACNE-STUDIOS-Axl-Slim-Fit-Suede-Panelled-Leather-Jacket Below is a great proposal from Gucci, price in store € 3,394.

Gucci-Leather-Biker-JacketLeather-Biker-Jacket-Gucci-2Balmainwith a very original design and its value in store is € 3,510



Here we meet with a Rick Owens jacket and its price in store € 1,810


RICK-OWENS-Stooges-Full-Grain-Leather-Jacket-We continue with one of our favorites, for its manufacture with aged leather of Saint Laurent,, price in store € 3,490.

SAINT-LAURENT-Distressed-Leather-Biker-Jacket-2SAINT-LAURENT-Distressed-Leather-Biker-Jacket-Belstaff, a firm that made it known at the time was David Beckham, Price in store € 1,593.04.



Vetements with a different proposal, its price in store is € 4,390.



Saint Laurent and a slim fit very rocker design! its price in store € 3,590


Slim-Fit-Leather-Motorcycle-Jacket-Saint-Laurent-2Boda Skins, an English brand that we love and its model “Kay Michaels Quilted Biker” has been love at first sight, its price in store, £ 439. Certainly one of our chosen for wardrobe background for many reasons: design, quality and priceBodaskins-Black-Leather-Los-Arys-2

Another model of Boda Skins that surely can be conquered is the “Rider Tall”, with an incredible touch in its leather and its price in store, £ 439.


We have loved to share with you the story of the “Perfecto”, we already include it in our dressing room being perfect companions of travel and clothes that conquer at any time. What do you think of leather jackets?