The secret that hides Adenogen by Shiseido.

As we all know, hair loss is an issue that concerns all men and we want to tell you about our experience with Shiseido Adenogen. While hair loss is caused by many factors related to genetics, stress, lack of vitamins and nutrients, we have to be aware that when the hair falls from the root and the bulb dies, it is no longer reborn.

According to scientific studies 89.9% of the alopecia occurs of the hormonal or genetic type and the rest is mainly due to inadequate diets, especially protein poor.

It should be noted that androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness, is the most frequent hair loss in men and is caused by excessive use of male hormones or androgens. It affects approximately 3,700,000 Spaniards between the ages of 30 and 60.

Like everything in life, “we are to prevent before curing” and with the hair there is no time to lose. When you notice that your hair begins to weaken, or you find it thinner than usual, it is not a time to worry, but to take care of yourself.

The first thing to do is to ask for a dermatologist doctor’s appointment ,who can evaluate the reason for the fall through genetic studies and evaluation.

Some of the best known treatments that are usually recommended are:

-Finers of finasteride to 1mg, the most well-known brand and that takes many years is propecia, although there are variants.

– Mesotherapy in the most affected area.

-Lotions with minoxidil 5% to put you every night.

-Stem cell treatments.

In addition to these treatments that we have tried, in this last time we heard about the launch that made Shiseido with its star product called Adenogen, which carries a million and a half sales in its first year. It really is a figure that alarms us and caused us anxiety to try it. What is the reason people buy Adenogen from Shiseido?


By researching a little, we discovered that it is an active principle that incorporates adenosine and the most important that has been officially recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare as “effective ingredient for hair growth.”

After 10 years of research, Shiseido’s new approach with Adenogen is to stimulate the hair miniaturized by alopecia, make them thick, vigorous and healthy thus avoiding their fall. “In our words, prevention is better than cure …”

What is the relationship between adenosine and capillary growth factor FGF-7?

After analyzing the levels of factor FGF-7 in hairs of different areas of the head of the same male with problems of alopecia we can see hair from the crown area, where the hair is much more weakened and hairs from the posterior area of the Head, where the hair is stronger and abundant. In addition it was observed that FGF-7 levels were approximately half the levels of this same factor in hair from the healthy area.

Shiseido’s scientists, in a joint project with the Department of Dermatology at Tokushima University in Tokyo (the world’s leading institution in the field of hair research), hypothesized that “adenosine”, a component of acid Nucleic acid produced naturally by the human body has a high effect on capillary growth. After adenosine was applied to the hair dermal papilla, it was noted that the production of FGF-7 increased. Moreover, when adenosine was applied to dermal papillae of fine or immature hairs, which themselves had half FGF-7 than healthy hair, FGF-7 production tripled. It’s incredible, dont you think?


In addition to the intimate relationship between adenosine and capillary growth factor, adenosine has been shown to lengthen the hair growth phase (or “anagen” phase) in order to prevent new hair from being miniaturized. Something that at the time was not achieved with any product.

Today, statistics give an Efficiency of 94.1% …

A double-blind randomized clinical trial in Japan to test the efficacy of adenosine in androgenetic alopecia in 102 men aged 30 to 50 years with alopecia problems for six months with twice-daily lotion application Day, offered an exceptional result: 94.1% of the men in the trial showed a marked improvement in overall hair growth conditions.

Of course, with these investigations and arguments generated some credibility in us and we wanted to prove it. We know that the changes are progressive, but with constancy and continuity you can see a very favorable change.

In our experience, we have spent 45 days using it in the morning and night with dry hair. It is very easy; we simply apply a few drops and massage the area for a few minutes. You will feel a sense of freshness since in its formula contains Menthol and something that we love is that it does not leave the greasy scalp. We have tested it on dry and fatty hair obtaining the same result.




You will find it in perfumeries because Adenogen has no contraindication or side effect, its price is around 70 euros and its size is 150ml.

You will soon tell us the changes at the beginning of the treatment, we already see it day by day.