The new Gucci Cruise 2017 dress campaign is a celebration of British culture.

The Gucci Cruise 2017 project was filmed by the photographer Glen Luchford in Chatsworth, the house of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. Inspired by the punk youth subculture of the seventies, Gucci does not stop and continues to make this year another brilliant year. In the cover video we watched the Gucci Cruise 2017 campaign, set in the grounds and the interior of Chatsworth, captures a cast of eclectic characters with the acclaimed actress Vanessa Redgrave.

Marco Bizzarri, President and CEO of Gucci, said messaging around these special programs has been the key, especially for the end consumer and comments:

“It is important for us to create more moments of communication for the consumer. We really need to make a push before revealing products on the track. This time, we wanted the cruise program to help sustain the momentum we have already created, and it allows us to continue communicating what we are doing. “

Here we have selected 9 dresses, we say in Spanish VESTIDAZOS that generated very good repercussion between bloggers and celebrities in many socio-cultural events

Gucci CRUISE 2017

We started with a silk crepe and wool dress valued at 2300 euros. Extra-large puff sleeves balance the cut-off A-cut silhouette of this dress. The V neckline is reproduced front and back and is complemented by the emblematic Gucci triband and a maxi belt. The silk and wool crepe fabric, soft and light, has a wrinkled appearance.

Gucci-Vestido-de-Crepé-de-Seda-y-Lana-Los-Arys-3 copia


We continue with an exquisite evening dress made with silk and porcelain garden print valued at 4980 euros. This is a China silk crepe evening dress with Porcelain Garden white and blue magnolia print. A bow and waistband with sequins, front fringed front and GG pearl buttons. The scene of this silk dress comes from the traditional Chinese porcelain and is combined with the sequin Gucci triband. A fairytale dress…!



The following is a silk dress with floral print, its web price 3980 euros. Inspired by nature, Alessandro Michele impregnates his collections of floral references. The flower, once again one of its characteristic motifs, appears embroidered and applied in the front pockets of this dress, the result of a process that requires several hours of manual work per garment.



We continue with this wonderful silk dress and embroidered wool, price 2980 euros. It is a silk crepe dress and wool with flowers embroidered by hand around the application of heart with crystal beads.



The next is a silk crepe dress and wool in pink, is exquisite, valued at 1980 euros. It is a dress dressed with breathable sleeves and V neckline pronounced with adornment frills. The sleeves of romantic spirit are combined with feminine details and a contrasting rope adornment.



We continue with a very British style with this Silk Crepe Dress in broken white valued in 1980 euros. Made with short sleeves of blow and pronounced neckline. The neck is adorned with a bow with beads on the front and a ribbon with triband Sylvie.



We give this Silk Chiffon Evening Dress with Hydrangea Print place, the most expensive of the selection valued at 7980 euros. This is a long evening dress down to the floor with waterfall layers over front slit. The Hydrangea print draws a watercolor effect in soft tonalities over silk chiffon.



The following silk dress and embroidered wool is valued at 3200 euros. It is a silk dress and long sleeve wool, with embroidered flower applique on the neck and flower brooch with pearls and crystals.



We finished with an oversized cardigan embroidered and valued at 3980 euros. Made with long sleeves, same waistband and blue / red triband trim. The back shows the application with tiger crystal embroidery and “Blind for Love”.



If you still want more , here we share the wonderful Gucci Cruise 2017 parade, held in an old church, the traditional place of coronations, nuptials and burials for British monarchs. On this occasion, it took a cheerful and free approach to the country’s fashion legacy, bringing together Scottish , Victorian ladies and even Staffordshire dog figures in the nerdish, retro-tinged fashion universe.