Enso Sushi Restaurant, we chose it a second time …

Today we want to share the dining experience at Enso Sushi Restaurant, a wonderful place in the Spanish capital. We arrived for the first time last year with a friend to share those dinners of anecdotes and reunions. We have come back to remember their flavors and obviously devote an article to our blog.

For all those who are pretentious with fish, they can not choose a better place. Without doubt Enso Sushi, fuses quality, service, location and an incredible winery.

Upon arrival we are cordially received at the reception where they kept our coats and accompanied us to the table located in an elegant lounge that also had an exquisite sushi bar with large windows and mirrors.


A perfect lighting throughout the space for romantic evenings or those discreet dinners without so much noise of people, something that we love. Perpendicularly it has a private room reserved for events for up to 25 people, ideal for celebrations or endless events.

We give the opening to this magnificent dinner with a few glasses of Champagne, to dislike some of the twenty varieties of sashimi with the quality of the Mediterranean. We started with some pieces of sashimi bull, tuna, rolls and some fusions that will remain in your memories …









What to tell about these pieces, they were exquisite!

Delicious tuna just like the other selected fish. We would like to tell you that the owner of Enso Sushi, Antonio Bernal is a true professional of the bluefin tuna that for 20 years has been dedicated to the export of this species to Japan, there is no doubt that he knows how to choose the Tuna that they serve in his own restaurant .

We continue with a tasty Scallops Enso, cooked in a special Japanese oven which maintains an extra juicy texture in a point , simply, PERFECT!



We finish with a tasty cod cooked in the Japanese oven, a dish for demanding gourmands and one of our favorites.


It is time to change the taste of the mouth and think of something not too sweet, but a balanced dessert, light and that would leave us a memory.

Here we have it! It is Enso’s Panacota, clearly Conqueror. It will be a sweet that can make you look great at the moment of asking.



And since they know we’re a little greedy, we did not want to let go of our favorite Enso Sushi ice cream. It is an ice cream handmade with black sesame. The two times we were in the restaurant, we asked for it. While we are not so much to repeat, there are inevitable dishes or desserts and we go back for them.


In summary, Enso Sushi in Madrid, meets the parameters that identify us, quality at sight, a serene and efficient service, relaxed atmosphere without murmurs or loud voices and a price according to all the aforementioned. That’s why we say, A cool Japanese in Madrid and we Enso Sushi Restaurante come to mind.

Important data:

Adress: Paseo de la Castellana 15, entrada por Fernando el Santo.

Reservations: 91 319 03 90

Hours: Monday to Sunday from 13:30 h. At noon and at 8:30 p.m. at night

Price: from 45 € to 60 €. Executive menu: 35 € Tasting menu € 49 without pairing. Pairing: 22 €

Valet parking and a reserved for social-business events.