Saint Laurent launches SL10H sneakers.

Since Anthony Vaccarello took the reins in April 2016, the growth of the French Maison Saint Laurent is incredible. Part of the success is for its creativity along with its Italian – Belgian half that generated a mixture of sensuality and control in the construction of each design.

According to Vogue, “The alteration of the name (from Yves Saint Laurent to Saint Laurent) and the restructuring of the store are conceived as necessary changes to” give the maison a sense of modernity and youthful spirit commensurate with strategy and DNA Of the firm, in such a way that it is relevant today. Anthony’s work as a designer is erotic and minimalist, fluctuating as his own origin, between the sensuality of Made in Italy and the conceptualism of Antwerp, a way of understanding the fashion that makes his designs unique … “


We consider that it gave a very youthful touch to Saint Laurent’s garments while retaining the primitive touch that Ives in the 60’s could adapt the masculine work garment to the feminine universe. Without a doubt, Saint Laurent breaks for many years with the classic norms established to build a new aesthetic world.

Today I chose for my look sneakers called SL10H that have conquered me for its design and its rocker point. This type of sportswear have great versatility whether to use with black, gray denim or with Chinese pants or suit for the most casual looks.


The look is completed with a black Levis cowboy slim fit 511model, next to the classic black cashmere of Saint Laurent, Ray Ban Original Wayfarer, handbag made of Argentine leather.


In the total black look it is always important to add a touch of color to the garment or accessory that we would like to highlight, in this case SL10H. seneakers.