The charm that hides the Lobby Market.

It opened in April 2013 and since then the Lobby Market located in Gran Vía 10 continues to conquer all the time. Born of the same owner as the distinguished The Lobby Café located in Las Rozas Village. The Lobby Market, is surrounded by beautiful buildings and an area where tourism lies at any time has an interesting proposal.



We booked for lunch and on arrival we found a balanced decor that made Julio Touza and showing an interior fashion trend that continues. We can observe the presence of wood, exposed brick walls that link seamlessly with industrial lamps. No shortage of exotic plants like bromeliads, ficus and palm trees between glass jars with vegetables.

Between dim and warm lights are distributed three structured sectors in two heights:

-For Gran Via 10 is one of the entrances, where we observe when entering a steep white marble bar and zinc accompanied by wicker banquettes and high tables.



– The sector of the medium, also known as the gourmet area, with a second forged iron bar where delicious cocktails accompanied by cheese and cold cuts for those tasty tables are prepared. Here you can enjoy and stone oak tables which invite a special moment.





– And last but not least throughout the restaurant, we went down some stairs and we find the wonderful gourmet restaurant with a show cooking area. The windows and vegetation create a very special microclimate. We can see the shelves of books to the ceiling and enjoy a wonderful dining experience. Square and round tables for all occasions, family, acquaintances or friends. In this sector is the other entrance to the restaurant from Queen Street.






This is where we were, what better than to enjoy a goumet lunch in a lovely place like this. There have prepared our table with comfortable chairs sixteenth century style. Eager to discover its letter and eager to surprise us …



When viewing the chart, we found with a cuisine featuring recipes from Mediterranean and Japanese influence. They are based on product quality and carried out by the great chef Jorge Reina, trained at the Hotel School in Madrid and known for his great career. Crisp flavors, fresh materials and a melting point and mature define a nearby kitchen, presented in different formats to suit different times of the day.

We begin by choosing our wine for this great afternoon and what better than to play it safe with red wine Emilio Moro 100% tempranillo from Ribera del Duero which is known for being very clean nose, fragrant aromas of red fruit jam , dairy, coffee and chocolate memories, red licorice and nice balsamic background.



To start a crispy chicken fingers with BBQ boneless poultry and bonito flakes also known as ‘katsuobushi’.


We continue with exquisite tiger prawns with kimuchy sauce. In the current Spanish cuisine is very fashionable blend the flavors and hints of traditional techniques with other countries, kimuchy sauce from Japan, is produced from chillies, onions and garlic. It is recommended for seafood, steaks and salads.



Here we have really surprised with this enigmatic glass xxl loins smoked sardines with juniper berries and pepper ciabatta base. To all those who like sardines, it is a very fun way to try being an intense and different flavor.






We continue with a tender artichokes with foie royal, katsuobushi (leaves bonito flakes). A fusion of flavors that conquer the most demanding palate ..!



The butter fish is very fresh and its artistic presentation invites you to participate in an interesting gastronomic visual experience. It is served with spicy red gazpacho, dehydrated semi-sweet tomatoes and purple potato crisp sheet. The same, to be developed first mash is done, then spread sheet where the dehydration process starts and finally fried in olive oil. A dish worth a try and live up to many Michelin star restaurants..



We end this meal with a tasty Shank Iberian with Provencal potatoes and sage. Its tender meat is ideal to accompany it with a wonderful glass of red wine Emilio Moro.




As many know, we can not stay with the desire for something sweet, so here we ordered a ginger granita with jelly and green apple sorbet with fennel syrup. What an interesting combination !!



Next to it they bring us some coffee and oreo if we have more desire of sweet …!


We loved to share the Lobby Market experience that is a place where you can enjoy lunch, dinner or drinks in the bar fantastic.

Important information:

Address: Gran Vía 10 ó c/Reina, 18. Madrid.

Reservations: (+34) 91 532 68 67

Hours: 8:00am to 2:00am (uninterrupted).

The kitchen closes at 00:00.


Website: Lobby Market