Biotherm Homme presents: Total recharge and its anti-fatigue moisturizing.

The new Total Recharge is the flagship product of hydration Biotherm Homme Non- Stop and today we will tell you about this innovative super hero. As many know, Biotherm Homme, is one of the companies in which we trust for daily and hydration of our skin care. The full recharge is an energy boost become a super cold gel to stimulate the skin effect, note that its texture is not greasy or sticky.

This product is addressed to all those men who live in a fast-paced society where urban rhythm and daily commitments, leaving no time to take care and spend more time on our body.


Is just urban fatigue, leading to signs of fatigue where they begin to display lines, spots and wrinkles micro leading to worry and take seriously the proper way to take care of daily.

We are kind of men who ‘we like to prevent before cure’ so that’s why we believe that using the right products added to the daily life and routine of moisturizing and cleansing we can maintain our healthy, young and strong light skin.

Total Recharge provides an anti-fatigue hydration that really works and you will see the results on the first week of use. Its formula combines the extract of the famous alga spirulina, energizing and antioxidant, among others properties with straighteners polymers reaffirm our skin toning and revitalizing. We recommended use it previously to clean our skin and after a great night or a very hard day.


It has been reported in a self-assessment test in four weeks where 63 men between 20 and 55 years who participated:

-The skin is more energized and revitalized: 82% of men.
-The Product provides a healthy tone: 87% of men.
-The skin has less glare (more matte effect): 92% of men.

We believe that increasingly, the current men, we love taking care of our skin. Not only to like people, but to feel good about ourselves.

We invite to discovery more about this wonderfull article in Biotherm Homme.