Lunch at the Albora restaurant is an unique experience. 

On the Jorge Juan 33 street near the corner of Nuñez de Balboa is Albora, a select and distinguished restaurant in the capital of Madrid. Today we want to tell you how was our experience having lunch at one of the sites awarded a Michelin Star in 2016, awarded by Repsol Suns and Metropolis M 2014 without forgetting the Excellence Winner 2014 TripAdvisor Certificate.

Albora opens its doors in September 2012 with a solid objective, high-quality cuisine based on excellent raw materials that blend traditional Spanish cuisine with contemporary techniques that has as result extraordinary flavors.

Upon entering we found a lovely bar that offers fast based rations Iberian exquisite ‘Jamon Joselito’ canned ‘The Cathedral’ addition to stews, meat or fish preparations. You can enjoy meeting Albora in a more informal way with extraordinary quality. Below we share some images …

Restaurante Albora Madrid- Los Arys 17






On the first floor is the area known as ‘The Restaurant’ after another chance to enjoy its magnificent bar, today it is time to know its haute cuisine. With only 60 seats in its gastronomic restaurant, it becomes a very discreet and distinguished plan for those lunches or interesting dinners. There we go!  









As we head to our table with us, see who’s telling us the philosophy of Albora and its great team that make this restaurant a unique place in Madrid where service, quality and professionalism merge seamlessly.


Once seated at the table, presented himself, José María Marrón, the Head waiter who welcomes us with his Jonatnan, Laura and Carlos team who have welcomed us with a smile from the first moment. Looking at the chart we can tell you that you can opt for a menu short five course tasting menu and two desserts or a long tasting menu of seven courses and two desserts. You can also choose servings of fish, meat, stews and roasts as very tempting starters as the joselito trilogy.

On this occasion we have chosen a tasting menu with wine pairings, nothing better than knowing the restaurant enjoying their cuisine.

To start an exquisite glass of Cava Cuve Camps 2011 that merge perfectly with a trilogy of Jamones Joselito, declared the best ham in the world and we do not doubt …


The first portion is of vintage 2011 Joselito Ham, with a balanced flavor, powerful for the palate with iodinated and spaced memories.


The second corresponds to the Vintage 2010, with fresh and strong aroma in mouth being a delicious sensation that stands out for its harmony and authenticity.

And finally the Vintage 2009, has great strength alternating sweet and savory flavors in perfect balance. It emphasizes its personality and its melting fat is one of the keys. What a delicious! We note that in the bar area can also taste the Joselito trilogies.


We continue with Jerez Fino tradition, we emphasize that it is the only winery in Jerez that only bottled wines that are very old and are  reference of each of the styles of sherry and really are able to satisfy all the senses.


We accompanied with fresh artichoke Mendavia LC, with changurro and red onion juice. We can define it with a favorite flavor where the texture of the vegetable consolidate the contributions of changurro and onion achieving a very smooth result.


We continue with a squid noodles, crispy skin, its ink honeyed sauce, candied chilotas. They have a slightly crunchy texture, accompanied by a thick black sauce that perfectly accompanies being very interesting segments of lime peel point.


It is time for a fresh Albariño of Rias Baixas called Laxas. To prove it, we can tell that highlights the freshness typical Albariño with a tight acidity, it is a perfectly balanced wine. It has a high intensity with herbaceous notes and white flowers that make it a perfect companion for dishes that follow …


Rice socarrat marrow and seafood, knife and hazelnut praline has been a minimalist and consolidated dish. With an extra point density, toasting the outside accompanied by a razor and hazelnut praline rice socarrat merge perfectly. A dish that gives off a feeling of admiration, assembly and fusion.




One of the star dishes of Albora is the pork jowls Joselito with onion stock and esparteñas sauteed with red beans soup and green apple. A delicacy to taste the best quality of Iberian pork in an authentic and elegant combination.




For lovers of fish, you will love this dish. This is a select Mero with fennel and coconut cream, noodles mussels and celeriac salad. It is essential fennel fused with fish certainly gives a very balanced flavor and perfect execution.  


It is time to accompany red meat and this time José María, offers rightly Raiz Crianza 2011 Ribera del Duero. It is a wine that has a special balance between soft aromas such as cinnamon or nutmeg and explosion of wild fruits in the mouth. Really it fits perfectly with any type of meat. We love the right advice Albora team, distill experience and professionalism which is essential in a distinguished service, we really want to congratulate them.


To end a tempting Shoulder of lamb with braised bulgur, chicory and vanilla nuances and spicy leaves. Softness and exquisite taste in a dish that looks simple but surprising.



Now it’s time for dessert, and to accompany them, nothing better than Pedro Ximenez 1927 Alvear, made from sun-dried grapes to the sun, and aged for five years in American oak casks. It is sweet, large and buttery with hints of caramel and cocoa latte on background of raisins. Special end for sweet moments like those coming next …


We started with an exquisite combination of carrot, citrus, coconut and spices. Textures get a perfect fusion and sharpness in mouth.



Another surprise was the soup of cocoa and coffee, iced tea early gray and mini macaroni mascarpone. The combinations of different textures have in common a sweet conqueror and exquisite finish.



It is time to choose an infusion in this case green tea and sweets to accompany strands complimentary.







It has really been a wonderful experience, with over 3 years of opening, Albora has managed to retain its identity, service and quality. We want to thank the whole team for the care and we will be visiting them frequently.

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Important information:

Address: C/ Jorge Juan 33, Madrid

Reservations: Tel.: 91 781 61 97