The first firms bet pet garments.

Increasingly, leading brands are looking to reinvent and this time conquer with pet garments. The fashion world has assured success in this new way and today are many four-legged customers that dress fashionably. They designed bags to transport them inspired by the luxury of Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Here are some images with matching belts ..   

Gucci-Mascotas-Los-Arys-3 Gucci-Mascotas-Los-Arys Gucci-Mascotas-2-Los-ArysMascotas-vestidas-de-Louis-Vuitton-Los-Arys

The various collections and designs of the first firms reflect the essence of the canine fashion. They have very unique items, among which are jackets, coats, dresses as well as some accessories like necklaces and dishes for their meal. In the next picture we can see the designs of Burberry and Versace.Prendas-de-Mascotas-Burberry-Los-ArysPrendas-de-Mascotas-Versace-Los-Arys-

For weekdays and looks more casual, Ralph Lauren has created a catalog with a wonderfully colorful variety of clothes that your pet will love …

Prendas-de-mascotas-Ralph-Laurent-by-Los-Arys Prendas-de-mascotas-Ralph-Laurent-by-Los-Arys-2

Roberto Cavalli has designed a very avant-garde outfits which his highlight animal print could not miss, here we share with you some pictures …


Emporio Armani, wanted to bet on a canine gala by designing an extremely elegant and comfortable suit. The same was created for special occasions and is made of a soft black fiber with contrasting collar and cuffs in white. The lovely outfit is available in Emporio Armani stores and there is no doubt that more than one to see it will say “woof woof” …

Prendas-de-mascotas-Armani-Los-ArysPrendas-de-mascotas-Armani-by-Los-Arys What do you think of the new pet generation fashionably dressed?