The wonderful dresses of Petro Valverde.

Today we speak of a renowned Spanish talent, Mr. Petro Valverde. He is one of the designers of head of the Spanish Royal Family, especially dressing the Infanta Elena for more than a decade. But this is not only one of his attributes; he has also dressed recognized women as Paloma San Basilio, Tessa Bavaria, Marisa de Borbon and many more.


Sevillano, with great creativity and good taste, has over 40 years designing pieces that are real works of art. Monday December 21, 2015, we had the good fortune to witness the last day of his retrospective show called “Design as a painter ‘held at the contemporary art gallery David Bardia. David Bardía.


In it, we have been able to contemplate the twelve most important dresses of his career, all accompanied by their description as well as telling the story of the moment in which they excelled.

Here we attach some pictures that we have done in the sample. This is a wedding dress medieval-inspired red brocade with floral motifs, can-can of red tulle topped with old gold lace. Wonderful!


These two designs were used by the Jordana Royal Family, HRH Princess Alia and HRH Princess Muna A -Hussein. Both dresses were lucid at the wedding of the Princes of Asturias, today Kings of Spain.

Petro-Valverde-by-Los-Arys-6 Petro-Valverde-by-Los-Arys-7 Petro-Valverde-by-Los-Arys-8 Petro-Valverde-by-Los-Arys-9

This beautiful model was worn at the 2010 Grammy awards by Paloma San Basilio, who was named the most elegant that night so special. The dress is made of velvet of stretch silk and pleated chiffon. Wearing a striking brooch hand embroidered with Swarovski stones, Awesome!


The next design, is owned by Cristina Sanchez. It was inspired by aesthetic taurine and Moorish art. It is cut on the bias in silk crepe with great strapless honor embroidery. Its pronounced tail 2.50 meters is hand-embroidered with silk threads in beige and tan colors.


HRH Princess Elena of Borbon used the following dress in November 1994 when asked for her hand. The design is made of chiffon two-tone brown and beige looking brocade jacket in wool and silk in the same tones.


Other exposed was this absolute red, made of natural silk organza, strapless ruffled asymmetrical body and satin. OPERA CARMEN homage to and realized in the Triana of Sevilla bridge and for the “dedication to fashion award.”


We continue with the first dress that the designer appeared in print in 1980. It was wore by the Bavarian Princess Tessa who was voted the most elegant woman together with Fernando Rey actor. It is made of black chiffon and encrusted guipure body make this design a great work of art.

Petro-Valverde-by-Los-Arys-15 Petro-Valverde-by-Los-Arys-17

At the gala dinner before the wedding of the Prince of Asturias, HRH Princess Muna-A-Hussen looked this amazing dress. Made of Chantilly with embroidered with jet and silver gray. It carries an up collar and French sleeves.


This has been chosen for the exhibition “Behind the Mirror, Spanish Fashion ‘which was held at the Reina Sofia Museum in 2003. Some of its features are the iridescent organza and feathers, belonging to the collection” 12 beats high sewing”.


The following dress gem is from the private collection of Petro Valverde, made of open-weave fabric of cotton tulle, fitted bodice with long sleeves and closed neck. Its skirt carries a wide tail and all embroidery is done with a drawing of entire area based on floral motifs, leaves and branches.

A great work that has 1000 hours of preparation and we have chosen to have exposed from today until the end of February 2016 in Madrid Evolution Hair!

Petro-Valverde-by-Los-Arys-24 Petro-Valverde-by-Los-Arys-25

This lovely design of moles, also belongs to the private collection of Petro. It is made of natural silk Mikado, has marched in 2014. The Moles are a very Spanish symbol and nobody better than Petro to represent with this wonder …

Petro-Valverde-by-Los-Arys-13Petro-Valverde-by-Los-Arys-36 Petro-Valverde-by-Los-Arys-37 Petro-Valverde-by-Los-Arys-38Petro-Valverde-by-Los-Arys-35

The next design, is made of taffeta of black silk with chantilly lace embroidery in silver by hand. It also takes into account the picture of Sorolla “Clotilde in evening dress” expressly for the exhibition at the slaughterhouse called “El Abrazo del Arte” in March 2011. Today it is part of the private collection of Petro Valverde.


We are really pleased with the talent that Petro, his career and his interpretation fusing art-fashion as a perfect bond has. That is why, we wanted to expose one of his designs in the study of evolution Capillary Madrid until February 29, 2016.

Here we share a great interview “Flash Moda” program on your experience and exposure that we have enjoyed .

We invite you to learn more about  Petro Valverde on his website where you can find his path, collections and liquidations of previous seasons.