Puerto Madero, the most expensive neighborhood.

Today we want to tell you that on our last visit to Buenos Aires, we have made a production in Puerto Madero, an emblematic neighborhood of the capital of Buenos Aires. After work, we decided to walk the neighborhood and take some pictures to share with you this wonderful place.


While Buenos Aires, is in a period where insecurity is an issue that scares, Puerto Madero, it is considered the safest in terms of street crime. Besides having a lot of private security, it also acting Metropolitan Police of Buenos Aires, Argentina’s Federal Police and almost entirely exclusive in this neighborhood CABA: the Argentina Naval Prefecture.


It is considered one of the most visited by tourists from around the world, being a strategic point with many attractions to visit and enjoy. It is an atypical area divided into two sectors; Madero West and Madero East.

In Madero West, it is the ‘less exclusive’ area, precisely where the water barrier formed by the ‘docks’ is. Right there are many restaurants, nightclubs, cinemas, commercial offices, the UCA (Catholic University Argentina), and La Fragata Sarmiento, among other landmarks.


Madero East, we visualize it behind the docks and almost immediately the Rio de la Plata. There are small areas most sought after than others, since 2015 the most expensive area is the center of Madero East. Right here, there are three five-star hotels, the Hilton Buenos AiresFaena Hotel y el Hotel Madero, besides wonderful office and residential towers with luxury homes. It has an ecological reserve which you can visit and that is not within the jurisdiction of the district, but in a space that has earned the river.


In recent years numerous high-class residential towers were built, highlighting the El Faro Towers, River View Towers, Le Parc Puerto Madero Towers, the Mulieris towers, the Repsol-YPF tower or Renoir Towers ,all of them more than 130 meters high, reaching 175 meters in the case of Renoir and they will be among the largest in the country (List of the largest buildings in  Argentina).

Notably, in 2012, Puerto Madero retained the highest value of the Argentina square meter. In The Aleph of Norman Foster, the cost was US $ 7,500 / m2, and the Alvear Art hotel apartment amounted to cost $ 6 million.

The striking “Puente de la Mujer” is a wonderful attraction. A work of Santiago Calatrava, which embellishes the neighborhood since December 2001.


In 2005 a modern lighting system was placed on the bridge that allows the night views.


La Fragata Sarmiento is a landmark worth visiting, was named in 1897 in honor of the founder of the Naval Academy Argentina, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, being used as the first modern training ship of the Argentina Navy.


Today it is a museum with history keeping in his memory the 39 trips that he covered more than 1,100,000 nautical miles (equivalent to 50 trips around the world away).


In 1961 the ship made its last trip and was declared a National Historic Landmark, finally going to become a museum located in Puerto Madero Dique III. When visit it, you will have the opportunity to discover what life was like on board visiting every one of the rooms of the ship, including the engine room.


In the halls they are exposed some memories that the crews brought from around the world, like a stone from the Great Wall of China, or the embalmed body of a pet that traveled with them.

In 2015 another innovation that typify this neighborhood was announced, the possibility of the existence of a tour with gondolas through Madero docks and shores.

One of the areas of entertainment is the Casino Puerto Madero. It is composed of two ships: Star of the fortune ship and Princess Ship with different games and slot machines. It is the first casino in the history of Buenos Aires, since gambling was historically prohibited in the Buenos Aires area. Installing the casino to two anchored ships, the National Lottery was able to overcome the jurisdiction directly to the Federal Government and could inaugurate the entrepreneurship.


Puerto Madero at night comes alive with its lighting and plenty of options to enjoy as various evening dinner on board ships intend to show on the “Rio de la Plata”, Tigre. For example Mississippi RiverFiestas vértigoHumberto MFiesta en Barco, among many more!


Restaurants of all prices will be waiting you to conquer with international charts and the best cuts of Argentina meat.


The walks in the evening or night at any season are ideal for all those lovers of photography and the outdoors in a booming city.


We have loved to share with you this great sector of the federal capital of Buenos Aires. In the next post we invite you to the Japanese Garden of Buenos Aires and its wonderful restaurant.