10 Biotherm Homme can not miss this christmas.

As many know, Biotherm Homme is a line that we choose to take care of our image. Its high quality and scientific advances mean that we continue putting our confidence in their products. We thought it was a good idea to tell you 10  Biotherm Homme proposals for gifts this Christmas and encourage all people to care themselves a little more.

Nice and soft hands with the ULTIMATE HAND BALM. In places where the climate is dry, hands suffer an absolute dehydration.We recommend using it at least twice a day!


Daily cleaning of our skin is very important to keep it healthy and free of disease. For that the NETTOYANT GEL of normal skin removes daily impurities and keeps the skin clean. Ideal use in the morning and at night.


Since we live in Madrid, we have noticed that being a dry climate, our lips began to dehydrate as never before. Luckily we knew the ULTIMATE  LIP BALM of Biotherm Homme. It has a high moisturizing power that instantly returns an absolute smoothness. While we are not very consistent with use, we realize that as soos as we began to use, it repairs immediately.


After the daily cleaning of our skin, we prepared our skin with this wonderful serum called FORCE SUPREME YOUTH AECHITEC. It has a slight effect on our skin without leaving oily and with a power of absorption that leaves glow. we love it. Ideal for everyday use.


When we turn 30, there are other cares to keep our skin young. The first most visible expression lines, spots on the skin caused by the sun, among other factors appear. Some time ago we are using FORCE SUPREME YOUTH RESHAPING CREAM and we have noticed a great improvement in our skin. It is containing extract of blue algae that stimulates the construction of new cells. Worth a try and draw your conclusions. It’s time to start preventing and nothing better than to specific products like this.


From the 30, also becomes enlarged pores, this is another of our great discoveries. TOTAL PERFECTOR HYDRATANT OPTIMISATEUR PAU. Get two months of use, smoother skin with a more even tone. We have noticed a better quality of skin and pores that are lessening its size. Recommended for combination or oily skin as it leaves no oily effect.


This product becomes a favorite for oily or combination skin. The T-PUR ANTI IMPERFECTIONS is enriched with seaweed extract anti-bacterial + zinc to regulate oiliness and absorbent mineral perlite to control excess moisture. You can use it daily and the results are wonderful!


It is the only daily shaving foam which we have found anti-irritation. It has anti-redness to facilitate your daily routine with a comfortable shave. Specially formulated for sensitive skin the FOAM SHAVER MOUSSE  DE RASAGE becomes an indispensable product for modern men.


For those who care our skin from the sun all year round, this Invisible Spray 30 is a perfect choice. We use it every time we go out jogging on sunny or cloudy days. We also want to tell you that 30 DEFENSA DEPORTE UV liquid has been developed with the approval of the Quiksilver team rider to withstand conditions of extreme sports. It is ultra lightweight, non-greasy and has an antioxidant action that provides protection against dryness moisturizing for 24 hours from the time of application.


Without hesitation, one of our star products OF Biotherm Homme. This is THE revolutionary cream AQUAPOWER 72 hours. For those who have dry skin like me, it’s gold dust !. After proper hygiene I place during the day and got a spectacular result from the first day of use without oily or shiny skin.


We have loved to share our Biotherm Homme experience and hope will be very useful toyou, to give away as a gift this Christmas time.

Pictures by Los Arys