Le Pain Quotidien in Buenos Aires has an exquisite proposal.

The afternoon is ending and the desire to snack with an afternoon tea growing at the time we discovered Le Pain Quotidien Salguero 3075 street corner Gelly, Buenos Aires. We took some time living in Europe, already knew the philosophy of this house, but we did not know that since 2012 LPQ is in our country.

For those who had never heard of them, we give a brief review. Le Pain Quotidien, translated into Spanish ‘daily bread’ is created in Brussels in 1990 by Alain Coumount months later open 10 stores in Europe. In 1997 the first store in the United States was opened, nothing more nor less than in New York on Madison Avenue. Today, they have many locations around the world with the same philosophy, ‘Fresh daily bread’. What an enormous pleasure to find this store in Argentina!

Very early for dinner and never late for Afternoon Tea! We arrived by chance walking and seeing the corner with the familiar logo for us, we said: nothing better than a delicious snack at Le Pain Quotidien in Buenos Aires!


By accessing it reminded us its premises in Madrid, Belgium, New York, the same concept and flavor to the best organic bakery that can have a city. It can not miss the typical extra large rectangular table as well as tables for two or four people, more intimate. Its special baked bread aroma and endless details that make you enjoy from the outset.

Nahuel Roman General Director of Buenos Aires says: .. ‘In 2012 October we arrived to Argentina and today we are more than 170 people who work very hard in our 6 stores of Buenos Aires to offer our customers a very good bread daily of the week … ‘

We want to emphasize that when we talk about organic foods, we mean the products that are grown and processed naturally without pesticides or chemical additives. Thus the beneficial environmental practices are favored by using non-pollution systems without use synthetic compounds.


A wonderful philosophy that proposes a select gastronomic between tartines, fresh salads, tempting breads and nutritious soups for winter made from the best organic raw materials market.

Today we wanted to try their afternoon tea and with the letter in hand we are ready to start enjoying it …


The proposal when tea is very wide which means you can choose from several options breads, tartines, juices and teas. The afternoon tea for two people contained in a letter to $ 250 pesos, which is similar to $ 20 or 16 euros, we find a price according to what they offer.

Our choice was, 2 lattes, they prepared it very gentle and in a generous bowl. We’ve accompanying  it with fresh natural lemonade with mint.


Then they also bring us a tempting basket of organic breads served with natural jams, dulce de leche, butter and organic honey.

Le-Pain-Quotidien-Buenos-Aires-LosArys.com-#LosArys-2 Le-Pain-Quotidien-LosArys.com-32

As if this were not enough , it comes a croissant, apple pie, cheese scone tempered and brioche with salmon. It is not only plentiful but everything has a wonderful presentation, which invites you to start as soon as the table is set!

Le-Pain-Quotidien-LosArys.com-#LosArys-11Le-Pain-Quotidien-LosArys.com-#LosArys-6  Le-Pain-Quotidien-LosArys.com-#LosArys-9Le-Pain-Quotidien-LosArys.com-#LosArys-8Le-Pain-Quotidien-LosArys.com-#LosArys-12Le-Pain-Quotidien-LosArys.com-#LosArys-10Le-Pain-Quotidien-LosArys.com-#LosArys-4

Of course, after a generous afternoon tea at  LPQ not be looking forward to dinner, keep it in mind. Besides enjoying the food of its letter, they made organic products for sale. We see displayed olive oil, tea leaves, jams and others.!

Le-Pain-Quotidien-LosArys.com-#LosArys-16 Le-Pain-Quotidien-LosArys.com-#LosArys-17 Le-Pain-Quotidien-LosArys.com-#LosArys-18 Le-Pain-Quotidien-LosArys.com-#LosArys-19

We tell you that if you are living or visiting Buenos Aires, do not miss visiting one of its 6 shops, as well as enjoy their caterer. You can follow them in their social networks where every day they surprise us with their developments and trends in bakery. Le Pain Quotidien is open 7 days a week and will amaze you with its authentic philosophy. Surely we have adopted it as a favorite spot for our snacks or breakfast in every country where we travel.

Important information:


– Social Networks in Argentina are: LPQFacebookLPQTwiterLPQInstagram

-Shops in Buenos Aires:

Salguero 3075, Palermo – Capital Federal.

Armenia 1641, Palermo Soho – Capital Federal.

Posadas 1402, Recoleta – Capital Federal.

Paraguay 4979 Districto Arcos, Paermo Holliwood – Capital Federal

Sucre 2145, Belgrano – Capital Federal.

Nordelta, Centro Comercial, Tigre- Zona Norte – Buenos Aires

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