Inauguration of ‘Sustainable City’ in 2015.

The city of ‘Sustainable City’ was launched in 2014 with the support of Dubai Land Department and the creative idea of Diamond Developers. It was built on 46 acres in Dubailand and will host a population of 2,700 inhabitants.

The first stage of this wonderful eco-city will be completed in the third quarter of 2015 as a project that has brought 299 million euros. Contrary to popular belief, it has been validated that the cost of construction, is equivalent or even lower than the conventional constructions.

This wonderful eco-city aims, seven addressing important environmental issues. It will be, recycling 100% of waste water, production of renewable energy, transportation systems solar power, urban agriculture to create herbal and horticultural products. We invite you to see some pictures of Sustainable City in Dubai.Dubai-Eco-City-Proyect-#LosArys-8DUBAI-SUSTAINABLE-CITY-BY-BAHARASH-ARCHITECTURE-#LosArysDubai-Eco-City-Proyect-#LosArys-7Dubai-Eco-City-Proyect-#LosArys3The project is very interesting to us. It will have five residential groups and each will have 100 luxury residences. It will accompany a large shopping center, riding areas, an equestrian center, athletic and a cycling track.Dubai-eco-sustain-#LosArysDubai-Eco-City-Proyect-#LosArys-10Dubai-Eco-City-Proyect-#LosArysAlya alhamad, the social sustainability manager Diamond developers said: ‘To improve the quality of life of residents, it will promote a strong sense of community through its design, services and social activities. Sustainable City will offer advanced health facilities and will be a center of knowledge for academic students and professionals alike.

The second phase will take place at the end of 2016, with strong objectives: The opening of a luxurious eco-resort, a country club, a school, a science museum and the Centre of Excellence for Sustainability.

Diamond Developers expresses great joy of having made this idea reality and to make the vision for sustainable living in Dubai a reality.Dubai-Eco-City-Proyect-#LosArys-2 Dubai-Eco-City-Proyect-#LosArys-5 Dubai-Eco-City-Proyect-#LosArys-6 Dubai-Eco-City-Proyect-#LosArys-9

How do you think about the idea of Eco-City? Do you choose it to live a few years?