Louis Vuitton presents “Nomads Objects” at Salone del Mobile.

The renowned French fashion company Louis Vuitton presented its “Nomads Objects”  collection at Salone del Mobile,Milan 2015. It was conducted at the Palazzo Bocconi where other designers have put forward various proposals, but particularly Louis Vuitton surprised with this new stage, which generates great expectations for them. The event was held from 14 to 19 April and have attended thousands of people around the world related to design, clothing, art and trends.

salone-mobile-2015-Louis-Vuitton-#LosArys-2 salone-mobile-2015-Louis-Vuitton-#LosArys

It is not the first time that Vuitton participates at Salone del Mobile, last year he was also present, but this 2015 he brings a different proposal. The main idea focuses on a unique collection of objects of inspiration for travel.

Celebrating the encounter between the theoretical and design, assembly enlist in the talent of nine established and emerging designers. The responsible for presenting and conducting this creative idea are Patricia Urquiola, Atelier Oï, Barber & Osgerby, Nendo, Campana brothers, Gwenaël Nicolas, Raw Edges, Damien Langlois-Meurinne and Maarten Baas.

It was exhibited at the Palazzo Bocconi Nouveau style and the line of 16 pieces includes a bold selection of eclectic elements, carrying cases and folding stools origami-inspired, among others.

Here concertina portable chair. It was designed by the recognized Campana brothers. It is formed from wood and leather panels which can overlap. “Usually, when you have something that is foldable, it has to be very practical, very light, and we wanted to do something that when opening, it would be very impressive,” said the brothers.


Maarten Baas has updated its President, creating this woven ‘Beach’ by 2015. The articulated frame can be closed and it is of course hand made.


This purse seat is an amazing design of the Spanish architect and designer Patricia Urquiola. It is a leather seat that opens like a flower and carried as a handbag. It folds up and easily transported. Patricia says; “I love the idea of transporting an object like a wallet and suddenly open it and use it to make a pause anywhere”.Louis-Vuitton-Objets-Nomades-#LosArys-32Louis-Vuitton-Salone-Mobile-Objets-Nomades-#LosArys 5Louis-Vuitton-Objets-Nomades-exhibition-Milan-2015#LosArys-43

Wonderful design of this hammock inspired ribbons of pasta, made of leather in orange, another design of Patricia Urquiola.


Here is The Swing Chair, by Patricia Urquiola. Undoubtedly, invites you to relax with movement and the breeze on a bag inspired by two large leather covered metal “handles” design. Nomad with a wonderful woven mesh. It is supported by hooks plated in gold and beige cord. The chair ensures your comfort with orange leather cushion on the seat and back pad yellow.

Louis-Vuitton-Salone-Mobile-2015-#LosArys-Swing-Chair-Patricia-UrquiolaLouis-Vuitton-Salone-Mobile-Objets-Nomades-#LosArys-6-Louis-Vuitton-Salone-Mobile-Objets-Nomades-#LosArysThe Campana brothers created a chair called Cocoon ,a swing seat with a curved lined with bright red skin. Oscillating cocoon and seats made of leather petals form this 3D printed lattice structure hangs from the ceiling in a steel hook and gilded brass.


The glass lamp with Leather Case was designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby and is another element of the collection. It is powered by solar energy, but can also be charged via a discreet USB port on your base. Ideal for individual or group use. Its leather strap facilitates their transfer to the garden to brighten a summer dinner.


Gwenaël Nicolas, has designed a reading lamp powered by rechargeable LEDs. It has a fabric shade ending in a leather case caramel closing like accordion musical instrument packaging.


Another lamp that has called a lot of attention was the Nendo, designed by Patricia Urquiola. She has created a stool that folds out from a handbag, inspired flower pattern monogram of Louis Vuitton.


Dezeen Patrick Reymond says: “We saw it was interesting to tighten the skin to create the three-dimensional structure, and create comfort and volume of the object.” Thus he designed the folding stool with aluminum foil between your leather exterior. It lets be packed flat and open out into a sturdy seat.


This original lounge chair with a cushion of leather and arched oak frame was designed by Nicolas Gwenaë. Influenced by the travel of the American writer Ernest Hemingway in Africa. His main features include leather, wood and brass accents.


Fernando and Humberto Campana and Atelier Oï created these hanging trips cabinets made from scrap leather workshop of Louis Vuitton. They say: “Everyone is different, they are inspired by Brazil. Have within three shelves with light and shape that allows you to fold easily. Only 12 of these creations will be produced, each with its serial number, name of a fruit and signature.



The plants hang of the leather waves in this floral Totem designed by Damien Langlois- Meurinne. Smart idea but nonfunctional for our taste.


President of Vuitton ,Michael Burke, said: “We are a house that inspired by the design, and do not want to be a furniture company. We like to know that we are invited and so we felt at the Salone del Mobile “


We love sharing the participation of Louis Vuitton at the Salone del Mobile 2015, Milan. If you had to choose one of those furnitures that they had designed… Which would you choose?