Coming adidas Originals Superstar ‘City Pack’.

Vintage model of adidas originals today has a redesign called adidas Originals Superstar ‘City Pack‘. The strategic idea focused on perform 6 monochrome suede models each with a different metropolitan city.

The cities included in this “City Pack” are: London in red, Berlin in gray, Shanghai in yellow, Paris in blue, New York in black and Tokyo in purple. They also have their name engraved in gold relief on one of its sides and a stamp of the famous place of every city in the heel of these funny sneakers.

It’s a brilliant idea Adidas , for use with jeans on casual looks. Let’s look in more detail, no doubt, they will be a must have this season.


While monochromatic colors can remind us Pharrell Williams’s designs for Adidas Originals Superstar ‘Supercolor Pack’, these models are completely different. They have a very strategic and urban creative idea.

A few days after launch … What is the city that you would like to represent with these great skeakers?

If you had to pick one color, which is the one you like ?

We invite you to see the new nike International, thet are amazing!