Lunch at O Eirado das Margaridas Restaurant

When you decide to visit the city of Pontevedra know you cannot miss O Eirado das Margaridas Restaurant. Itself, begins in 2007 and is a nineteenth century house with smart minimalism combined with the original structure.

Upon arrival, signposts indicate the parking sector and guidance to access the site arrows. We really wanted to have lunch in a rural restaurant and live the experience of fresh local cuisine.Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-35Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-254O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArysWe have come on the recommendation of our beloved Amalia Enríquez loyal customer of the restaurant since its inception.Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-LosArys.comUpon entering, we are greeted with a huge smile of Margarita González Torres (hostess) and with the best disposition she accompanies us through all sectors at the restaurant for your lunch or dinner would be ideal.O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-2O Eirado das Margaridas offers various types of rooms that surround us in the harmony of the original house and are special to any celebration. We started at the bar, where retain the charm of Galician tavern with wooden chairs and benches as well as the typical stone of Pontevedra. A fine selection of gins for all lovers of Gin Tonic , here you can enjoy them to a very affordable price.Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-18Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-19From the Bar we went to the wonderful garden with playground and a typical Galician granary that we had loved. This area is ideal for families with children in Spring or Summer days.Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-8Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-5 copiaRestaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-3Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-2On the walls of the Garden sector, it has hung some elements of the old fishing that caught our attention. Margarita tells us that they were to fish zamburíneas, mussels and other shellfish.Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-4Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-33We continue the journey and from the garden sticks a direct door to “A Casiña”, a private sector to lunch, dinner or celebrations of large families who want some privacy looms. A lovely place with its own washrooms, was formerly the house of servants and is a true reserved for up to 25 people. Undoubtedly, the customer enjoys great privacy, very bright and wonderful views of the orchards and vineyards of the area.

Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-5Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-9Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-31Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-32Leaving “A Casiña” and on the same floor we find another sector called “O Pantumino” where reigns wood and gable roof. Significantly, the old  “Faió” of the house, is now reserved for a maximum of three couples dining. It’s amazing, they have it all figured out!Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-7Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-6This does not end here; we go down stairs to “La Bodega”, where we find with a reserved dining room for a maximum of 15 people. The stay ,buried underground, keeping its original decor, barrels, beams and cool temperatures in summer.Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-16Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-15Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-17We have a place more for show you and is the main dining room called “Alboio”. Formerly, in addition to warehouse, it was the wedding space of townspeople, where also made brandy. Decorated with beautiful pictures , that besides being exhibited are for sale and disabled facilities.

Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-30Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-11 Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-14Here we stop on the tour and we sat down to start lunch. Margarita tells us that we can enjoy a wide selection of wines. On this occasion she recommend  us the Valtea Albariño that  is the growing rose area and was winner ,in the 2014, of the prize in the international competition of Bacchus Gold (VINOFED).

O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-3The letter in hand to see the local cuisine and observe mergers that  O Eirado das Margaridas has to offer.Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-20 Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-21Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-12Incoming we chose a Scrambled seaweed and sea urchins and Galician corn pie stuffed with zamburíneas. The quality of the food is spectacular, as well as details of presentation of the dishes that kindly Eva brings us to the table.Restaurante-O-Eirado-Das-Margaridas-#LosArys Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-23 Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-24Main dish, skewer Monkfish with prawns, cherry tomatoes with poor potato (with onions, peppers and eggs). The combined flavor of monkfish with vegetables is wonderful, fresh and very soft.O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-12The other main course was a delicious Grilled cod desalting, with potatoes and onion vinaigrette. Very abundant and consistent, a tasty dish to recommend!Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-25 Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-26The Rape Galician with exquisite taste has also been a main dish that has conquered us. Its consistent salsa, helmets and snap peas just for a spectacular flavor.

Rape-a-la-gallega-#LosArys Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-212After a space, arrive tempting desserts, homemade cheese flan and berries a Swiss roll with strawberries and cream and a “Larpeirada” (pie with biscuit, caramel and chocolate). Accompany them with exquisite pennyroyal and mint tea.Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-28Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-14Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-11Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-27After enjoying desserts and tea, Margarita comes to the table with a nice bottle of cider flavored with strawberry and says: “The house invites, this cider is digestive and it sits you phenomenal” Who can resist to it?Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-16Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-15Together with the Saul Abal Amorín Chef, this man has art in his hands, the food was exquisite and at the right point. Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-18Thank you very much Margarita, Eva, Saul and all the team at Restaurante O Eirado das Margaritas for the care and willingness at all times,we will be back soon!

Restaurante-O-Eirado-das-Margaridas-#LosArys-29Here we share a phrase Margarita says: Do You know difference between serving food to take to eat? Serving is with love, and we do that way at  Restaurante O Eirado das Margaridas.

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