Weekend in Novavila Wine Design Hotel

Today we want to share the experience we have had in Novavila Wine Design Hotel, located in Santo Tomé of Nogueira – Meis, just 10 minutes from Pontevedra – Galicia. This wonderful thematic hotel, born of an ancient house of Villanova family – Peña, which have restored and decorated with an established concept “Wine”.

We were welcomed by José Luis Vilanova , the homeowner, his big smile and willingness makes you feel right at home from the start. Arriving , he invites us on a journey through the Novavila spaces and the roles that they fulfill for each guest enjoys and finds their own comfort.Novavila-wine-Design-Hotel-#LosArysWe can see that the design represents an eclectic spirit that characterizes the style of the place. The wine theme is present in all its facets and colors. Predominant range of purple, wood, stone and steel touch, excellent combination to achieve a subtle and perfect harmony.Hotel-Novavila-#LosArys-21Hotel-Novavila-#LosArys-20Novavila-Design-Wine-Hotel-#LosArysHotel-Novavila-#LosArysThe Hotel offers 5 double bedrooms and a very comfortable single with elements that make better sleep such as; Different types of pillows, thread clothes and Egyptian cotton, blankets of Kashmir – silk and pocket-sprung mattress  + latex and Mattress Cover with springs and mattress topper. From here came a lot of researches on the type of mattress they use and we can guarantee that is the key element in the hotel to have a comfortable rest as we’ve had.  Every detail is designed to fulfill the wishes of the most discerning guests, without neglecting the everyday and accessible. Novavila is a symbol of class, comfort and elegance.Hotel-Novavila-#LosArys-18Hotel-Novavila-#LosArys-2 Hotel-Novavila-#LosArys-3At the end of the tour, it’s time to rest. We have traveled six hours drive from Madrid, at night waits Welcome dinner where we have met with friends!

They had prepared to us a room that was formerly a Palomar, located in the highest part of Novavila with beautiful views of vineyards and countryside. The singing of birds in their natural habitat background invites a rest.. Could be more relaxing?Hotel-Novavila-#LosArys-17The hours are ideal in Novavlia and it seems that time stands still. José Luis prepares us dinner inviting us to know the local cuisine and exquisite Albariño wine house, own production. What a desire to try it ! At 21: 00hs we met, the meeting point, a great kitchen where culinary elements and modern design combined.Novavila-Design-Wine-Hotel-#LosArys-123Hotel-Novavila-#LosArys-15Hotel-Novavila-#LosArys-16Upon arrival we were received by José Luis next to our beloved journalist Pontevedresca Amalia Enriquez. They also attended the dinner, Yolanda and David, creators of exquisite jams that later we will be talking about that …

Between laughter and anecdotes we have spent an excellent evening, what a worm welcome gives us this land. Galicia inspire love from the first second.Novavila-Design-Wine-Hotel-#LosArys12Novavila-Hotel-#LosArysIt’s time to test the 100% Albariño wine made by hand in Novavila from its own vineyards. Its development is characterized by a very ripe grapes and both stripping and pressing, is done manually. It is fermented in steel tanks for bottling in August of the following year. This wine is not filtered, but trasciega until the optimum sharpness.Vino-Albariño-Novavila-#LosArysWhile we are not the white wines type, we can tell that this Albariño has exceeded our expectation. We recommend to try it and in case you like it , you can buy it in the store from the hotel.Vino-Albariño-Hotel-Novavila-#LosArys Dinner starts and it cannot miss the craftsmanship of Esther and Mucha who carry Policy kitchen, excellent chefs. Always very attentive to the guests, were showcased with an omelet eggs with potatoes, Galician pie, salad greens, zucchini cream and exquisite olive oil called Olei, Galician production.Hotel-Novavila-#LosArys-9 Hotel-Novavila-#LosArys-6 Hotel-Novavila-#LosArys-7Hotel-Novavila-#LosArys-5Hotel-Novavila-#LosArys-8 Novavila-Design-Wine-Hotel-#LosArysHotel-Novavila-#LosArys-11 The raw material of Galicia is delicious, its quality, spectacular. To complete the meal, these delicious sweets, we have loved it, we could not resist it. (Thanks Yolanda and David for the perfect choice).Hotel-Novavila-#LosArys-13 Hotel-Novavila-#LosArys-14 A new day begins in Novavila, here breakfast is served until 13hs, there’s no need to get up early to enjoy it. We also want to emphasize that we can use this buffer 24 hours.

At breakfast, a careful selection of fruits, cereals, cheeses, breads and juices squeezed at the time. In every trip you take unforgettable flavors. In our case, taste sweet star in the leading organic jams, ladybug sugar. They are artisan made with natural fruit fusing different spices, rare to find, thus achieving unique flavors.

Novavila has a line of cosmetics made from several varieties of red grapes. The famous wine therapy, that is so fashionable, differs from the others because regional vineyards are used.Novavila-wine-design-hotel-#LosArys-productorIts personalized scent is the candle Albariño wine fragrance, production and own elaboration. When we speak of a candle with wine essence, it sounds weird, but we can describe having a far peach or something. Its unique and authentic flavor makes it the first candle Galician wine.Vilanova-Design-#LosArys-8This candle, whose flavor is the result of collaboration between experts chandlers and perfumers, is presented in a glass that can be later used to taste “good Albariño”.

This is the first product that combines aromatherapy, decor and wine therapy, the good news is that for that who love the scents at home,we can take it at the value of 25 euros, something also to highlight it flavored without the need to turn it on.

Something we do not want to forget to share is that all design objects that are in the hotel, are on sale now and you can acquire it.

If you like the design and decor, the wonderful Vilanova-Peña store of José Luis is the perfect plan. You can enjoy many styles, modern, minimalist, contemporary, edgy, vintage, and more. We took a tour around the store, to spend time if you are going to visit it, there is a lot to see. As we told you there are several plants and it is impossible to share as many images in the article, here are some shared.Vilanova-Design-#LosArys-11Vilanova-Design-#LosArys-10Vilanova-Design-#LosArys-9Vilanova-Design-#LosArys-7Vilanova-Design-#LosArys-6Vilanova-Design-#LosArys-13Vilanova-Design-#LosArys-4Vilanova-Design-#LosArys-3Vilanova-Design-#LosArys-2Vilanova-Design-#LosArys-

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