Haircuts and refined shaves in Malayerba Barbershop.

A few days ago we went to meet the Malayerba Barbershop; located in the neighborhood of Malasaña, Madrid. We assure you that we have had a great experience which led us really wanted to write an article to tell our followers.Barberia-Malayerba-#LosArys-1Upon arrival we were greeted cheerfully by Marcel Cifuentes, the clerk of the place; he invited us a drink and we kept talking about the facilities and how well he spent working on Malayerba.Barberia-Malayerba-#LosArys-2 Barberia-Malayerba-#LosArys-3In the old barbershops 50s, men not only went to get a haircut and shave, but also to discuss the divine and the human. At present, it is uncommon for this to happen, except in Malayerba Barber, that decided to returned the habit creating a masculine space to the old tradition.

Why choose Malayerba?

In Malayerba haircuts and shaving rituals classic are combined, with technical, cuts and current products. We want to highlight the great work of Malayerba guys, they are really professionals who know how to treat your hair as it should be: with craft and care.

Here we present you the Staff:


Before reading the web, we asked … Why is called Malayerba? It was when Pelayo, whom we are very grateful for gave us a place on the agenda so requested. He told us … “Malayerba is a tribute to the history of the Plaza Dos de Mayo, heart of Malasaña where Barbershop is located, and a nod to the hair growing like weeds quickly and had to be cut … ”

What services offered to leave handsome men?


Besides shaving and hairdressing services, Malayerba has its own line of men’s cosmetics to the Hand of Soaps Olivia. They have developed artisan care products hair and beard with raw materials originating from 100% organic.

The first to market were the wax mustache and beard, and the elixir for Barba Daoíz. Due to the success of these two products, are now available to the body soaps, shampoos, hair, beard and shaving soaps and creams.

This time we tried shaving with a razor and hot towel, definitely an experience that we recommend. When you get a hot towel on your face, citrus aromas of some products that they apply emerge and generates that you want them to take home. The good news is that in Malayerba you can choose all the products to enjoy in your daily care.Malayerba-#LosArys-211 Malayerba-#LosArys-okMalayerba Barbershop is located in Plaza Dos de Mayo 3, 28004, Madrid.

It is essential to make an appointment to T: 912 163 900 to be attended.Barberia-Malayerba-#LosArys-4

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We wanted to thank Mr Daqui who recommended us to Malayerba as well as Pelayo Herrero and all the staff who treated us the best way possible. We will return !!