Biotherm Homme products that every man needs.

Biotherm Homme was created in 1985 and since then, it has become the number one men’s cosmetics line for global excellence. Its advanced technology and reliable reputation makes many men choose it to take care of climatic factors and aging skin. Today we wanted to share our experience with certain products of Biotherm Homme which we used and considered necessary for any man who decides to start caring for his skin.

5 products Biotherm Homme that cannot fail to have.

1. Body Spray UV Defense Sport SPF 30

It is an effective spray designed for men who are exposed to the sun doing sports, walking or enjoying the beach. Provides antioxidant protection as well against the UVA / B rays. It is waterproof, has moisturizing agents being non-greasy, non-sticky and something we love ‘oil free’. Another important feature is that you can still apply it on wet skin. Its packaging is not only very masculine but also very practical to apply it on the body.Spray-UV-Defense-Sport-Body-Biotherm-Homme-#LosArys-

2- UV Defense Sport FENCE SPF Fluide Visage factor 30 50 ML.

Not only we need to take care of our body but also of our skin when it is exposed to the sun. The sun affects our skin throughout the year, not necessarily in the Summer is when we must protect ourselves. For that there is this wonderful fluid from Biotherm Homme is completely invisible and leaves no white spots as other protectors. It’s rapid absorption and waterproof, ideal for when we are at sea, swimming or doing sports. It has moisturizing agents offering protection from UVA / B rays as well as moisturizing agents that help dry skin or exposed to sunlight.

It is not greasy nor sticky, is oil free and you should start using it every day, sun damage to our skin are causing irreparable stains and occurrences of premature wrinkles, among other conditions.Fluido-UV-Defense-Sport-Face-Biotherm-homme-#LosArys

3- Biotherm Homme Aquapower 72hs Gel Glacial.

This is a new discovery that we love it. Due to its concentrated glacial technology is ideal for keeping your skin hydrated for 72 hours treatment. Contains hyaluronic acid and life and  life plankton exclusive of Biotherm. Its texture is ultra-light being super refreshing in its application. Do not forget that our skin is constantly aggressive because air conditioners, climate factors, among others. This product is a good way to deeply moisturize our skin giving brightness that it needs. It is always advisable use it after a thorough cleaning ,as well after sun exposure.AQUAPOWER-72-H-GEL-GLACIAL-CONCENTRADO-Biotherm-homme-#LosArysThe hands and lips are continuously exposed and are also very important. Do not forget that are the parts of our body that seduce all the time.  What Better than this wonderful duo ULTIMATE BIOTHERM HOMME to start!Ultimate-Biotherm-Homme-#LosArys

4- Ultimate Lip Balm Biotherm Homme.

It is an effective lip combining two immediate actions: Hydrate and Refresh lips. Do not forget that wind, dry weather and temperature extremes dry and crack your lips. We remember when we lived in Buenos Aires, as the wet weather we did not need balms in summer and we used it only in the Autumn-Winter. Now in Madrid,  the Ultimate Lip Balm Biotherm Homme has become an essential product for us all year.Ultimate-Lip-Balm---Biotherm-#LosArys

5- Ultimate Hand Balm Biotherm Homme.

As mentioned above hands are a weapon of seduction in every man and must always be maintained. Besides a good manicure that we discuss it later, it is important to the daily care of them. Sports, wind, cold, continuous manipulation of objects can leave rough, parched and calluses hands. That is why we must be aware in protecting and caring for them. Something we highlight the Ultimate Hand Balm Biotherm Homme is that it has three immediate actions: Quiet, repair and protects the strongest attacks. Ultimate-Hand-Balm-Biotherm-Homme-#LosArysToday, many men are beginning to care for their skin and Biotherm Homme is a firm that we love for many reasons. We chose it for its effectiveness, its masculine scent, for its light, transparent textures and their packaging as practical and manly.

Biotherm Homme is the strongest brand of selective cosmetics male and preferred by most men, it is indicate for statistically sales in many countries of Europa, Asia and America.

We loved to share this post with you, if you are male not hesitate to begin early with the daily care of your skin, eventually you’ll notice the difference. If you’re a female reader is time to present to your partner, parent or friend Biotherm Homme products, remember, it’s never too late to start to care!

We invite you to learn more about Biotherm Homme in its  Website.

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