Wilbran Restaurante traditional Spanish cuisine.

A few days ago we visited the Wilbran restaurante in the city of Madrid, if you are the type of person that love traditional Spanish cuisine, you’ll love this site. Upon arrival we found a very warm welcome lounge and Miguel who was in charge of our table with great dedication and impeccable service. Before coming to the table we’ll show you some images of cozy living room to set the mood!Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-50Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-2 Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-3 Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-4 Among colored stools, upholstered chairs, phalaenopsis orchids ,Wilbran created a modern and romantic atmosphere that you will love.Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-38Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-45Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-10Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-36Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-37 Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-48Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-46Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArysWhy is called Wilbran? Miguel tells us.. “The children of the owner of the restaurant called Williams and Brandon,from there it has taken the initial and Wilbran was created ..” We found very original . In about a few minutes Natalia, the house owner, approached to greet us with a huge smile, being so hostess, recommended us a tasting to meet some of their delicious dishes.

Among its varied menu, you’ll find the typical Spanish cuisine with superior quality, everything is perfectly selected and monitored before coming to the table. The options for lunch or dinner à la carte, as well as every lunchtime propose a dish of the day at 9 euros, other drinks and table service 1.5 euros. Shall we start?Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-7We chose red wine called Ramón Bilbao Rioja Crianza 2012, it has notes of blackberries and blueberries with a subtle background spicy vanilla, pepper and bay leaf. Its flavor is persistent and very fragrant, ideal for fish, seafood and meats. Along the wine arrives warm appetizer vegetable cream with a very mild flavor.Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-11Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-12Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-6  Then Diana brings us a fresh squid jigging, very tender and no oil residue, we have been delighted!Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-8 Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-9  Of course we have to try traditional Spanish tortilla and here theyserve it  just in time, making it an garrison ideal or recommended for shared incoming.

Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-13Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-15Another option is the exquisite salad they do, if you go thereyou need to ask for it, no doubt it differs from others who have tried in Madrid.

Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-14  For all who like the prawns, here it is made in garlic and we can assure you that the quality and taste of them are spectacular!

Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-21Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-23We have 4 choices of starters, squid jigging, omelette, salad or shrimp scampi, being two diners and fine dining, with order two entrees is fine. If you are the meat ones, we suggest you as  main course: Rabo de Toro and chips. Their meat is very tender and tasty, especially we liked and Winter Packed would be a dish that we would order again.Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-16  Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-19 Another option that will not fail are the meatballs without tomato sauce served with fried potato cubes. We want to tell you that is made with the three selected cuts of Tapa, Stifle and Needle beef. The three mentioned before are sting in the Wilbran’s kitchen, making it a unique flavor and not at all greasy. In one of the photographs we can see the inside and watch that we cannot find any particle fat, so they are lean and delicious.

You need to taste it!!Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-24  Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-26 Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-27It’s time to try some of their desserts, and now we let surprised by Miguel who brings us to the table, “Apple crumble” delicious English dessert made with apples, flour, sugar, cinnamon and butter. In this case the apples are cooked with raspberries which are dyed color and red, we made clear that we might think they are macerated with red wine, like most of the desserts. Use the red fruits have found it a super option to not alter the natural taste of the apple. To accompany, nothing better than an Italian vanilla gelato , a perfect combination to the palate !!!Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-31Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-32Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-33Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-34Do you like the Cheesecake home? Here they make it very rich and with mascarpone cheese .. The pictures speak by themselves !!

Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-29 Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-30 At the end of lunch Miguel invites us to know the exclusive lounge with discrete or for more formal occasions. Lunch or dinner in this room has the same price of the card. Their tables are well presented and privacy that offers is ideal for those times when we want to avoid so many people in one place or those dinners of romantic couples. This type of rooms, often are preferred and sought after by people from the artistic and political environment, athletes who seek greater discretion or privacy sites. (For this room please book your table in advance)

Here we share some images ….Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-FotoRestaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-5Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-28Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-49Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-39Restaurante-Wilbran-Madrid-#LosArys-40 

Miguel tells us that every night starting at 21 pm Wilbran becomes acclimated with lighting and soft notes of Blues & Jazz to enjoy its exclusive cocktail or to begin a candlelight dinner.

Undoubtedly, we will have to make this tempting facet that he tells us…

We want to thank Natalia, Miguel, Diana and all the Wilbran team for the warm welcome, for the excellent care they have given us, as well as the kindness with which we have been attended all the times!

To all our followers we tell  that the Wilbran Restaurant is located at:

Street Orellana 19 steps from the Metro Columbus.

Have you stay with desire of eating? It’s time to make your reservation at 913 08 38 08-www.wilbran.es

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