The Water Discus Hotel in Dubai

Dubai (UAE), has been characterized by its innovative architecture, from the most expensive and seven-star hotel called Burj Al Arab, the most luxurious Palm Jumeirah artificial island and even the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa. In 2012 it showed its next plan: a hotel which can dive 10 meters under the sea called Whater Discus Hotel, it would be the world’s largest underwater. It is a futuristic hotel with 21 luxury suites submerged in the sea , it will be truly amazing when finished build.

It is a project supported by IG InvestConsult AG, a recognized Swiss company and multinational Drydocks being designed by Deep Ocean Technology. In this article we want to show you the most important details of this luxury hotel that will focus on a very demanding tourism, have featured as helicopter and yacht jetsky among other services.

Although for many it looks like a spaceship, this is the model where we can see the main structure of the hotel.The Water Discus Hotel, Dubai #LosArys 6 It consists of two discs connected by three solid carriers at sea. The two floors are connected by a vertical shaft containing elevators and stairs allow guests circulation to all sectors. The upper floor is divided into restaurants, clubs, shops and two private heliports. The disk is immersed exactly nine meters below sea level, has 1,000 square meters will have 21 luxury suites, a bar, spa, conference rooms, pools, restaurants and a diving center. This combination will allow admire the ocean depths and make the most of the warm weather on the top floor. Here we can see more details.The Water Discus Hotel, Dubai #LosArys 12The Water Discus Hotel, Dubai #LosArys 13The Water Discus Hotel, Dubai #LosArys 17The 21 luxury suites take place in the seabed. Through its panoramic windows, without forgetting the special lighting, observation of marine biodiversity will be spectacular.The Water Discus Hotel, Dubai #LosArys 16The Water Discus Hotel, Dubai #LosArys 11The Water Discus Hotel, Dubai #LosArys 18The Water Discus Hotel, Dubai #LosArys 5The Water Discus Hotel, Dubai #LosArys 1A large gallery and one of its restaurants that will communicate both plants..The Water Discus Hotel, Dubai #LosArys 22Here we see a much more intimate Restaurant and deep for a small group of guests!The Water Discus Hotel, Dubai #LosArys 20The Room Conference, designed for some entrepreneurs who conduct their activities or presentations.The Water Discus Hotel, Dubai #LosArys 2  The Water Discus Hotel, Dubai #LosArys 7One of the main objectives of the Hotel is to meet the highest standards of safety and is a priority for the designers of the structure and a team of professionals working on the project. The maximum calculated evacuation is 15 minutes. The submarine disc is ready to emerge in the time required, either for repair or for climatic reasons. Everything seems to have every detail!The Water Discus Hotel, Dubai #LosArys 8 So that way it will look at aerial views..The Water Discus Hotel, Dubai #LosArys 4The Water Discus Hotel, Dubai #LosArys 14  ¿Te imaginas un atardecer con éstas vistas?The Water Discus Hotel, Dubai #LosArys 21Can you imagine a sunset with these views?The Water Discus Hotel, Dubai #LosArys 15    The Water Discus Hotel, Dubai #LosArys 19At night the lighting is very cool and futuristic creating a very special atmosphere. The project is still mediating something very important at the global level.: the environmental impact that may result.

It is clear that its promoters are convinced that the Water Discus Hote, act as a stimulus for the preservation of delicate marine ecosystem, but not yet proved.

President Bogdan Gutkowski of BIG Invest Group said in a press conference: … “This underwater hotel born to open new stages of development for the sector of luxury travel, while creating a large financial support to ecology, which will assess the underwater ecosystems, multiplying the activity and protection of this world “….

Here we invite you to watch a short video but that it can shows more clearly the security system and some of its amenities.

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