The most 5 influential haircuts of footballers.

Today we will tell you who are the most influential players in hair trends setting trends with their hairstyles and new looks. The football player, in many cases, it becomes an admired figure in certain social sectors, being observed not only in the 90 minutes, but also in their daily lives, everyday, interviews, appeared in magazines, television shows, etc. .

In some cases the new trendy hairstyles were born in the soccer fields. They know how to enhance their appeal of celebrity with their looks. If we think it is no coincidence that some soccer players are the main faces of advertising campaigns in different industries such as automotive, food, fashion, among others.

There is no doubt that some athletes set trends with their haircuts, causing many fans try to imitate them feeling at the forefront because their hero wears it. We conducted a study of capillary influence on men and selected five players who more marked impact with your hair looks and thus become the most desired looks for many men.

No. 1 David Beckham: 

Despite being retired , he remains as the quintessential icon. His continuous changes looks are “Fashion” since he played for Real Madrid, and on each team where he played football. So far, he is the player with more changes of looks, shaved hair, long, long Headset with wicks, cut ridge cut ridge fading, long hair with braids, blonde bleached, hipster style … He has become over the years a major influence that many fashion brands want and desire him to present their campaigns … “If Beckham has it or use it ,for sale secured in many social sector ..”Look--David-Beckham-#LosArys5-Look-David-Beckham-#LosArys-4 Look-David-Beckham-#LosArys-5 Look-David-Beckham-#LosArys-6 Look-David-Beckham-#LosArys-7 Look-David-Beckham-#LosArys-8Look-David-Beckham-#LosArys-3Look-David-Beckham-#LosArys-2In the Position No. 2 Sergio Ramos: has changeda lot of looks in the last five years. He is quirky and likes to experiment with his hair. He has taken long hair, bleached blonde, shaved on the sides and longer in the center, braids, different hairstyles with gel, among others. He has participated in various advertising campaigns such as for the signature, Boss Bottled.Look-Sergio-Ramos-#LosArys-3Look-Sergio-Ramos-#LosArys-4Look-Sergio-Ramos-#LosArysLook-Sergio-Ramos-#LosArys-2No. 3 Cristiano Ronaldo. He has a curly hair and not very easy to master, he uses relaxers and his faithful friend for his hair is the hair gel. His looks vary with color changes in clumps as well as machine drawings in the shaved sides. His hairstyle shows that even very short hair allows different appearances. While all his hairstyles are different, one thing always together, side of the shaved head, surely this look gives it a unique and distinctive style from the rest of his teammates. Something to share with you, when he has a big game typically done some touch in his look, by superstition.Look-Cristiano-Ronaldo-#LosArys-3Look-Cristiano-Ronaldo-#LosArysLook-Cristiano-Ronaldo-#LosArys-2No. 4. The Frenchman Antoine Griezmann who disturbs us with his color changes, sometimes styling gel, sometimes with more military looks and sometimes with haircut crested the Beckham style. There are some differences in the hair length of Antoine, especially the top layer. The basic pattern of this haircut allows numerous styles and hairstyles, and this gives greater versatility.Look-Antoine-Griezmann-#LosArys-2Look-Antoine-Griezmann--#LosArys-No. 5: Gerard Pique. He has gone through a few changes, long hair, and shaved hair shaved on the sides leaving long top and front section. Beyond his minimal change of looks has become influential for some apparel brands like MANGO recognized that elected him as a model in several campaigns

Look-Gerard-Piqué-#LosArys-2 Look-Gerard-Piqué-#LosArysWe loved sharing this “Top Five” with you, if you like haircuts for men, we invite you to know the Hipster Style , a trend of 2015 catwalks.