Styles of bathrooms to choose your favorite.

In this special article of bathrooms we will show you different styles and features so you can choose the bathroom of your dreams. We believe that beyond the style you like, the bathroom should be a relaxing space that we call seeking moments of intimacy and relaxation. What we do first after wake up is to go to the bathroom; is one of the reason why the decoration should convey an absolute being.

Something to note is that the decor you choose will not limit the functionality; if you add a touch of style, procure that it’ll be practical besides visually pleasing.

Here we will present you 7 styles of bathrooms very different but with something in common, harmony and balance.

Bathrooms Modern style.

They are characterized by design pieces, dimmable lighting to create different environments combined with a feeling of more space and sofisticacióm.


Zen bathroom style

The Zen philosophy is a combination of several cultures, based on the Indian Buddhism, then it was reinterpreted by Chinese thinkers and was imposed like a way of life in Japan. The goal is to convey calm, tranquility and facilitate relaxation, and for that nothing better than simple toilets, if they are white much better because they help to create more clarity.

Something to consider, if you have the opportunity to build the room zen bathroom, it must be oriented outdoor areas, better if it is in a patio with lights or garden where vegetation can, through the glass, become part of the decoration indirectly. Let’s see some examples!

Baños-Zen-#LosArys-1 Baños-Zen-#LosArys-2 Baños-Zen-#LosArys-3 Baños-Zen-#LosArys-4 Baños-Zen-#LosArys Baños-Zen-en-#LosArys

Bathrooms minimalist style.

The absence of elements is the main feature of this style, facilitating cleaning and creating a feeling of more space, at least visually. It is a style that fits perfectly within the philosophy of a modern bathroom. Simplicity in lines, neutral colors are usually chosen in relation to the wood, and toilets in white, beige or steel color. Supplements such as basin faucets, shower or bath, usually of design, like all the furniture you choose.Baños-Minimalistas-#LosArysBaños-Minimalistas-#LosArys-2 Baños-Minimalistas-#LosArys-3 Baños-Minimalistas-#LosArys-4 Baños-Minimalistas-#LosArys-5

Bathrooms Baroque style.

Although all the pieces have great weight in the aesthetic frame, the mirror is very important and makes that we named Baroque a bathroom that in addition to being ,it also responds to other hallmarks, such as vintage, retro combined with the actual. The color gold becomes a cabinet that may otherwise go unnoticed in our eyes, in an attractive and bright object, unlike the minimalist style, this is rather loaded in colors and furniture. As metallic shades will never fail!Baños-Estilo-Clasico-#LosArys-3Baño-estilo-barroco-#LosArys Baños-Barroco--Moderno-#LosArys Baños-Barrocos-#LosArys-2 Baños-estilo-Barroco-#LosArys-4 Baños-Estilo-Barroco-#LosArys

Bathrooms Oriental style

Nature plays a very important role in Oriental bathrooms as well as white, beige and plants like phalaenopsis orchids and bamboo canes to create that fantastic Asian effect role. It is important not to disturb the harmony of the bathroom putting too many plants, simply one piece also, if possible, bring something of color. Scented wood, incense or scented candles are important and also offer a very relaxing night lighting. The white for health is favorite this style!

Baño-Oriental-#LosArys- Baño-Oriental-#LosArys5 Baños-estilo-Oriental-#LosArys-32 Baños-Oriental-en-#LosArys-32

Bathrooms Moroccan style.

Typical desert colors and earth walls are used. The Andalusian type multi-patterned tiles are a key element in the bathrooms Moroccan style. Recorded and carefully crafted handmade objects usually represent traditional Berber motifs of iconography, like the four cardinal points. The Arabian décor has many arches reminiscent of mosques and fittings are very old. The mirrors are usually large. The blue color, symbol of protection and white, which means peace, two colors are very present in the culture and decor of the Moroccan bath.Baños-estilo-marroquí-#LosArys2 Baños-Marroquí-#LosArys Baños-marroquís-en-#LosArys

Bathrooms classic style.

A decorative bathroom classic style encompasses several times and is subdivided into various decorative styles, but usually involve marked common characteristics that distinguish them and turn them into real pieces of art worthy of admiration. Whenever we see a large chandelier ceiling, furniture usually natural wood or painted with glossy finish and gold or silver in handles or embedded in the same design furniture metallic details. A classic bathroom is synonymous with comfort, elegance and style more elected in 5-star hotels worldwide.

Baños-Estilo-Clasico-#LosArys-2  Baños-Estilo-Clasico-#LosArys-4 Baños-estilo-clásico-en-#LosArys

What do you think of the different styles of bathrooms? What is your favorite?

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