Lunch at Otto Madrid Restaurant

Today we want to tell you how our experience was having lunch at Restaurant Otto Madrid, a modern site in the Spanish capital. We had been told it was one of the trendiest restaurants, which takes less than a year opened and many businessmen and personalities from the artistic world choose this place. What is the reason? Today we tell in this article.

Upon arrival we had been received by a cheerful receptionist who accompanies us to the table that we had booked into a local area called “the library”.Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-38Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-40Letter on hand to observe the proposal that  Otto has for its clients. The Chef in charge of the kitchen is John Hely Perez who has worked in the Hotel ME in Madrid. We noticed that the letter has Mediterranean base, although it is not haute cuisine, seeking excellence of raw materials making it a genuine and stylish letter. Like all modern restaurants, Otto marks a clear tendency, gourmet menu and the edge that sets it apart.Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-5The winery is an important point to note with many varieties to choose from, this time we asked Manu and Osama, who were in charge of the table, to recommend us a White Wine to accompany fish. The option was Anares Terranova 2014 Bodegas Olarra, this wine is made from vines of Verdejo variety bred in the highlands of gentle topography, gravelly soils with a characteristic reddish-brown color. The nose is frank and intense, with aromas of white fruits on highlighting mineral notes, nettle and honey. On the palate, the wine is ample and tasty at its entrance, elegant and structured; with a long finish acid remember. It has seemed to us a little dry, but it was at the right temperature to drink perfectly.Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-3 Along the wine comes the appetizer, a seafood soup with black tea, with an intense flavor and strong aroma. For those who do not like fish abstain. We bring a tomato flavored breads, oil, cereals rich to start the lunch.Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-2Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArysAfter seeing the letter, we decided that the Cheff surprised us with an entree, two courses and dessert. Here came a “Tuna Tartar” with candied watermelon and eggs. A delicacy that we suggest when visiting Otto. The fusion of watermelon with tuna is spectacular. It was very delicious!! Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-4Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-6At the end of the Tartar, they bring us “Rice with deer and Parmesan” with a simple and consistent presentation, nothing to astonish for the supposed trendy place.  With respect to taste , it was very salty. But it was no reason to not enjoy it.Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-9Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-13Then an exotic dish, grilled Raya accompanied by green beans and baby carrots! The structure of the meat is viscous and at the same time very tasty. A very special and distinct dish, we liked it.!Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-14Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-10Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-11It’s time to try an herbal tea and dessert that Osama brings to the table. These are three mergers with red berries.

-Cream cheese with iced passion fruit and red fruits. Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-17 -Chocolate brownie and red fruits.Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-19 -Pineapple in syrup and red fruits. Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-18Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-16Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-20We want to tell you that the restaurant belongs to the employer Varo Rosauro and was decorated by Tomas Alia, who has created different environments within the same rooms. His innovative design deserves a visit to any of his spaces, here we share with you some images of each space that Otto has for you.

A wonderful lounge where you can enjoy of their  varied menu of cocktails with good friends.Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys2  Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys12 Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys23“The Library” is ideal for a wonderful lunch as we had , as well as dinner.Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-39“The Blade” is an exclusive and private lounge. Without hesitation for those events or certain famous personalities who want to preserve some privacy. It has a side wall of water, visually striking, it is also an auditory experience to be sitting in one of their tables and listen to the water fall.Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-34Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-37The room called Business, was created to set lunches job as an office, with the warmth of wood and comfort of typical chairs.Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-33Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-31Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-29“The Tequileria” is a room located at the end of the restaurant; it has a bar, unisex toilets and terrace with Vertical gardens for those who want to smoke.Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-22Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-24 Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-25Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-27Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys24Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-28As we have seen, the Otto restaurant’s proposal is very spacious and for enjoy many moments, lunch, snacks, drinks in the evenings and enjoy a very lively lounge for early evening hours.Restaurante-Otto-Madrid-#LosArys-36It has called our attention, thinking that it was “the trendy place”, the few people who was in the local being a weekday at noon, you could perfectly lunch without reservation, thing that doen’t occur in other places in Madrid. The culinary competition in the capital is so big and although Otto has many conditions, something is neglecting that people don’t choose as it was expected.

(The price per person, round 45 euros).

The Otto Restaurant is located on Paseo de la Castellana 8 and is always advisable before you go, make a reservation at (+34) 917 810 928 Location map. (The price per person, round in the 45-50 euros).

What do you think about the Otto restaurant? We invite you to our gastronomic section to continue enjoying the places that we visit!

Photographs by Los Arys