The most original sneakers that will be use this Spring.

A few days ago we known the exclusive brand Sneakers Montag 73 and its designer Andreas Bogner, a sympathetic Austrian born in 1973. It has over 15 years in the fashion world, developing his career between Vienna, Paris and Madrid. Why is called Montag 73?

Montag 73 #LosArys 26Montag, means Monday in German and 73 is the birthday of Andreas, hence the name of the firm. The designer tells us that all products are made in limited editions, with a handcrafted attention to detail and high quality materials.

He showed us an exclusive line of male shoes ,also called Sneakers with something very special that sets it apart from other firms, (not more than fifty units per model). They are made by a unique and colorful fusion of fabrics and leathers for a different, informal and casual style.

We invite you to see some models in the pictures below.Montag-73-#LosArys-2Montag-73-#LosArys-4Montag-73-#LosArys-12Montag-73-#LosArys-18Montag-73-#LosArys-22Montag-73-#LosArys-8Montag-73-#LosArys-9Montag-73-#LosArys-10It is clear that after seeing them, we have not hesitated to choose the pair that we like most, they are very light and comfortable to carry!Montag-73-#LosArys-25Montag-73-#LosArys-19    Montag-73-#LosArys-6 Montag-73-#LosArys-7     Montag-73-#LosArys-20Montag-73-#LosArys-24Here we show you some bags made of different materials like neoprene ,that gives it an original touch and something we want to emphasize that are very light and comfortable!Montag-73-#LosArys-14Montag-73-#LosArys-15 Montag-73-#LosArys-16We loved explore this wonderful Spanish firm with solid growth and a strong trend in new outfits from next Spring Summer 2015. Here a picture next to Andreas Bogner!#LosArys-en-Montag73To learn more about Montag 73, we invite you to click on the next image and access its online store!Montag-73-#LosArys-17 The Montag 73 Sneakers seem to us super fun and different. Many times we seek not be dressed alike and this firm look the exclusivity in each of their products.

Today is is the presentation of the new collection Bohemia, Andreas will have wonderful models!

Nueva-Coleccion-Montag-73-#LosArys Bohemia-Montag73-#LosArys

What do you think about the Montag 73 Sneakers? Coming soon the new collection in your website!

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