Collection Balenciaga Fall-Winter 2015

In this collection Balenciaga Fall-Winter 2015 has opted to classic black, gray and white tones. Its very elegant and abstract lines reveal a man with refined classic Parisian style.

According to Vogue, Balenciaga (Paris, 1937) did not arise from nowhere, its founder, the Basque couturier Cristóbal Balenciaga had spent half his life between seams and had a loose network of business in Spain. He had begun his career as a fashion designer and entrepreneur in San Sebastian twenty years ago, so he already had a vast personal business experience, professional and when he arrived in Paris in 1936 “. His first French store, at 10 Avenue George V Paris (where the main store still is) soon became a landmark for the upper class of the City of Light.

We invite you to view the following Looks presented by the designer.Balenciaga-OTOÑO-INVIERNO-15--#LosArysBalenciaga-OTOÑO-INVIERNO-15--#LosArys-1  Balenciaga-OTOÑO-INVIERNO-15--#LosArys-3 Balenciaga-OTOÑO-INVIERNO-15--#LosArys-4 Balenciaga-OTOÑO-INVIERNO-15--#LosArys-5 Balenciaga-OTOÑO-INVIERNO-15--#LosArys-6 Balenciaga-OTOÑO-INVIERNO-15--#LosArys-7 Balenciaga-OTOÑO-INVIERNO-15--#LosArys-8 Balenciaga-OTOÑO-INVIERNO-15--#LosArys-9 Balenciaga-OTOÑO-INVIERNO-15--#LosArys-10-The color starts when choosing accessories and supplements risky oranges, greens, blues, among others.

Balenciaga-OTOÑO-INVIERNO-15--#LosArys-11 Balenciaga-OTOÑO-INVIERNO-15--#LosArys-12 Balenciaga-OTOÑO-INVIERNO-15--#LosArys-14The sports ,very avant-garde and with colors that will undoubtedly attract  the attention for the next  spring!Balenciaga-OTOÑO-INVIERNO-15--#LosArys-15 Balenciaga-OTOÑO-INVIERNO-15--#LosArys-17

Balenciaga-OTOÑO-INVIERNO-15--#LosArys-2What do you think of the Fall-Winter 2015 collection? Have you seen what Viktor and Rolf have designed for this Winter 2o15?