Spring- Summer 2015 by Carolina Herrera

If you are the type that like Carolina Herrera, you can not miss this interesting post where we share the collection Spring-Summer 2015 without losing any detail. It has selected different genres such as printed chiffon, lace, satin, among others. The colors have been red, blue, black, chalk, beige, green, pink and some print. With regard to hair trend that Carolina Herrera presents is the Court clavicle, the same as we told you a few weeks ago. We invite you to view the collection !!

Carolina-Herrera-Spring-2015-Los-Arys-Blog-1 Carolina-Herrera-Spring-2015-Los-Arys-Blog-2 Carolina-Herrera-Spring-2015-Los-Arys-Blog-3 Carolina-Herrera-Spring-2015-Los-Arys-Blog-4 Carolina-Herrera-Spring-2015-Los-Arys-Blog-5 Carolina-Herrera-Spring-2015-Los-Arys-Blog-6 Carolina-Herrera-Spring-2015-Los-Arys-Blog-7 Carolina-Herrera-Spring-2015-Los-Arys-Blog-8 Carolina-Herrera-Spring-2015-Los-Arys-Blog-9 Carolina-Herrera-Spring-2015-Los-Arys-Blog-10 Carolina-Herrera-Spring-2015-Los-Arys-Blog-11 Carolina-Herrera-Spring-2015-Los-Arys-Blog-12 Carolina-Herrera-Spring-2015-Los-Arys-Blog-13 Carolina-Herrera-Spring-2015-LosArysRegarding bags designed, have chosen yellow, blue, white, brown, red, as well as some red piton and other fringed.Bolsos-Carolina-Herrera-Spring-2015-Los-Arys-Blog- Bolsos-Carolina-Herrera-Spring-2015-Los-Arys-Blog-1 Bolsos-Carolina-Herrera-Spring-2015-Los-Arys-Blog-2 Bolsos-Carolina-Herrera-Spring-2015-Los-Arys-Blog-3 Bolsos-Carolina-Herrera-Spring-2015-Los-Arys-Blog-4 Bolsos-Carolina-Herrera-Spring-2015-Los-Arys-Blog-5 Bolsos-Carolina-Herrera-Spring-2015-Los-Arys-Blog-6 Bolsos-Carolina-Herrera-Spring-2015-Los-Arys-Blog-7High heels with transparency python printed with polka dots and flowers have been so chosen for this Spring. In low shoes transparent tapes, chamois and sandals with leather straps, for those who do not usually wear high heels is a very good option.Zapatos-Carolina-Herrera-2015-Los-Arys-Blog-1 Zapatos-Carolina-Herrera-2015-Los-Arys-Blog-2 Zapatos-Carolina-Herrera-2015-Los-Arys-Blog Zapatos-Carolina-Herrera-2015-Los-Arys-Blog-3Sunglasses with vintage touches, tones of crystals ranging roast and brown gradient. Sideburns there are both fine and more ease with the isologo ,signature corresponding to CH.Sunglasses-Carolina-Herrera-2015-Los-Arys-BlogSunglasses-Carolina-Herrera-2015-Los-Arys-Blog-2Sunglasses-Carolina-Herrera-2015-Los-Arys-Blog-1 Also reading glasses were protagonists for this collection with a very elegant and stately style, but little modern for our taste …!Sunglasses-Carolina-Herrera-2015-Los-Arys-Blog-3We hope you enjoyed of this magnificent collection Carolina Herrera Spring-Summer 2015 and we would be really happy if you tell us what you liked best. We invite you to view the collection of Max Mara 2015 a style that can surprise you !! HERE