Dinner in Without Reservations Casa Resto

Choose to dine in the No Reservations Restaurant, in the city of Tandil is a wonderful choice for delicious cuisine you will never forget. We invite you to know from the moment we parked the car!

Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-31Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-30Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-29Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-28Through the door we found an old house and a mix of Central decorated with colorful objects that reminded us a lot to Mexico!Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-15Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-3Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-13Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-22In announcing our arrival was waiting Gaston, the Restaurant Owner , when we met him we asked him why it is called No Reservations Restó House.He explains the difference of “No Reservations” to “No Reserve” … “The difference is that No Reservations, nothing is saved and everything tells you, in the case of” no reserve “means you go to a place without booking … ”

In No Reservations … You have to book to get place.Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-24Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-23Once seated with letter in hand, let’s surprised by this good host and his team that greeted spectacular. We asked to take a red wine called Trumpeter Malbec Wines wineries Rutini accompanied with sparkling water, also called in Argentina Soda.Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-2  Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-4The dim light makes warm dinner and predisposes to spend a very pleasant evening. It come a cold appetizer flavored lentils that have surprised us and liked!Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-16Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArysIncoming exquisite rabas to Roman with tartar living in point, very fresh and crisp.Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-6After the rabas ,starts tasting ,we really have to tell you that we loved it. The next dish is defatted and roasted sweetbreads in mattress greens. Delicious!Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-7Homemade pumpkin sorrentinos mozzarella served with a delicious sauce, thyme, ginger, toasted almonds, arugula oil, paprika and tomatoes aumados. What do you think?Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-8We continue with a crispy rolls steak to the pan. Gaston tells us that the meat takes longer to cook than 6 hours creating a very tender and tasty meat. Really spectacular !!Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-9 Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-10The last dish was a lead trout salad with avocado, mango, corn and green leaves … The picture Tells you everything, it was very tasty.Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-11Finally came the dessert a dream “sinfononía moon” with chocolate and berries perfect combination to dismiss this dream gastronomic evening!Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-26Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-27After finishing dinner, we will know the facilities of the restaurant, their gallery, their yard chill out that we’ve loved. Here we share some pictures !!Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-21Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-14Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-12      Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-18Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-17Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-19 Restaurant-sin-reservas-Tandil-LosArys-20We thank Gaston and the whole team of Sin book by the great attention and willingness to have with us. We will return!

To book your table in No Reservations you can communicate at 0249 422-0014 and address is 455 Tandil July 14.

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