Rices crocuses Restaurant

On the trip we make to Tandil one of the Restaurant we have chosen to know was Crocuses Earth being the first and only rice dishes in the city.

Ricardo, the owner, awaits us very happy to told us a little history as how his Restaurant was born. From its foundation a January 7, 2009, is now called Saffron Earth crocuses. The idea was born in Spain and was consolidated when returning to Argentina became a reality that combines experience working on Spanish cuisine with tastes of our culture.

Crocuses Earth is in an old house built in 1905 that still retains its facade and original structure.

Tierra-de-Azafranes-Tandil-Los-ArysThe warm light of the hall invites you to spend a nice time together with the cava. Its specialty is “Mediterranean cuisine” rice, fish and seafood are the most prominent dishes.Tierra-de-Azafranes-LosArys-9Tierra-de-Azafranes-LosArysRestaurant-Tierra-de-Azafranes-LosArysTierra-de-Azafranes-LosArys-12Tierra-de-Azafranes-LosArys-14From the main entree we have chosen some Rabas to Roman and a pendant Brochette Sea that were the novelty this time!Tierra-de-Azafranes-LosArys-2Brochettes-colgantes-Tierra-de-Azafranes-Los-Arys ntes-Tierra-de-Azafranes-Los-Arys-1Tierra-de-Azafranes-LosArys-3Tierra-de-Azafranes-LosArys-4We could not resist a delicious seafood casserole with a flavor that has moved us to Spain!Cazuela-de-Mariscos-Tierra-de-Azafranes-LosArys-Tierra-de-Azafranes-LosArys-6As a garnish a spicy rice casserole perfectly matched. Tierra-de-Azafranes-LosArys-5The dessert we chose was a small cake warm with ice cream apple ideal to accompany it with some tea cinnamon.Tierra-de-Azafranes-LosArys-7After dessert we went out to meet the Patio de Tierra de crocuses where on summer nights many customers choose to dinner!Patio-Tierra-de-Azafranes-LosArysHere with Ricardo Camgros Restaurant owner inviting them to come to know Earth Crocuses in Tandil!Tierra-de-Azafranes-LosArys-10In a showcase you  will find Crocuses to buy and take home!Tierra-de-Azafranes-LosArys-8On leaving we could not resist and here we left our note to all the wonderful team that has served us in this unforgettable dinner!Tierra-de-Azafranes-LosArys-16

To book a table in the Land of crocuses you can do it by Phone: 0249 443 6800/0249 154 499446

What did you think of this Rices? Have you ever tried Brochette Pendant?